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We have stayed at this hotel for 15 years or more in the past, except last year. An attempt had been made to spruce up the entire place. However in doing so they reduced the seating in the breakfast room. Upon Ck in front desk was not friendly at all. They demanded credit card and driver license even though all had been supplied when making the reservation. I asked which card I had given with the reservation and his response was "I suppose you expect me to look in the computer." He did and we almost completed the check in when He told me the room was "Up one flight of stairs and there is no elevator so I would just have to deal with it, since there was no other rooms" I have no problem with one flight of stairs. Room had no chairs, table or desk. There was a rolling desk chair for ??????. Air conditioner was blowing full blast so my husband went over to turn it off. When he touched the unit the case fell off and hurt his hand. He later put it back on so it wouldn't fall off again. TV had no instructions for their new setup and no guide of what was on. Shower/bathtub had no non skid on bottom nor was there a rubber mat----DEFINITELY a hazard. Coffee maker had coffee pod for ONE cup of coffee only. Were told breakfast was only served till 9:00; 9:05 everything was cleaned up and put away. Other places we stay serves till 10:00 or a few till 11:00. Check out was fine till I filled two small travel mugs. I thought front desk was going to tell me I couldn't, until my husband informed him that I just getting a couple cups for the road. Bad experience all the way around. Not going back

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  •   Jun 19, 2019

    Good lord you are a professional whiner. Your first complaint was literally reduced seating in the breakfast room. Sorry, your majesty. They didn’t decide to go with the Buckingham Palace motif in the final draft for the remodel. Be glad there was a seat at all for you and your fussy husband. It’s not like you had a tour bus worth of people to get seated. I doubt you know that many people that would be seen eating with you anyway. Moving right along... You seriously don’t know which card you used to book a room? How about some basic financial responsibility for a change. Take ownership of your life for once. There’s absolutely no way the desk clerk told you to “deal” with a flight of stairs. You were already huffy they didn’t have a jumbo breakfast area for you and you were clamoring to find a reason to be offended. Walk up the stairs and be done with it. I’m confident you could use any exercise apart from the proficient running of your mouth that you are engaging in on this page. Your fragile porcelain husband should definitely stay away from scary air conditioner covers. Next time call a professional to come allllll the way up the stairs and make sure he doesn’t get a boo boo. If you are too dumb to operate a TV in this day and age, not much is going to be able to remedy that. Power button, channel button, volume button. Case closed. No rubber mat in the bathroom? Oh my goodness gracious!? How do you survive without living in a bubble? It’s truly uncanny. This is a hotel, not a barista. Bring your own coffee or go downstairs (again with the exercise) for the complimentary coffee available in the lobby. You say breakfast is over at 9? And they are cleaned up by 905? Wow! Color me shocked! Who would have ever imagined breakfast was over when it was stated that breakfast was over. What a revelation! You assumed the front desk wasn’t going to let you take coffee. Good thing Mr. Fragile Hands was there to intervene and set them straight. Please for the love of all that is holy do not plague this establishment with your presence ever again. I mourn for the institution of hospitality that will have to contend with your antics in the future.

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