La Quinta Inns & Suitesregistration double charged rude front desk person

J Oct 28, 2018

On Oct 27th 2018 my husband and I checked into Laquinta in Moon Pa for a 2 night stay. I made these reservations several months ago. Quoted rate was 193.80 for two nights. I used Booking .com to reserve room but as always pay at the hotel. When we checked in at 6pm Sat Oct 27th Bruce checked me in and asked if I wanted to use the card On file, I said no I want to use my Navy Federal visa card, he said okay and swiped my card for the 193.80. The next day I see a charge with my AmeriCu Visa card for 193.80 and see the same charge also on my Navy card two different banks 2 different cards. So after returning from the football game I stopped by the front desk to inquire about the double charges. Bruce the same young man who checked me in said oh it's just a deposit pending, I said why is it pending on 2 different banks? His reply was "I don't know but there's nothing I can do just call your bank". I said Bruce I only have you one credit card to swipe how did 2 cards get charged? He said oh I see you prepaid on a third party site. I said No I did not because if I had prepaid it would have charged my card several months ago when I booked the room not last nite. He then got an attitude with me, I was highly upset as I was trying to explain that 2 banks don't just up and charge a hotel on my card by themselves. I asked for a manager, which there was not one on duty. The shuttle driver was very nice and so I tried to just deal with him since Bruce was so rude, and then Bruce said "I quit, I don't need this [censored], then he called Frank the General manager and in front if me and my husband said he was quitting as he didn't get paid enough money to deal with this [censored]" literally said this in front if me. I said fine then I'll just handle things with Brian the shuttle driver, and yet he still Sat there and argued with me yelled at me I finally said fine call the cops, your yelling at me and someone here has committed credit card fraud. He just laughed and yelled at me. Frank the General manager was on phone offered no help about my double charge just said he was in Cleveland and couldn't do anything till 9am tomorrow. This young man at desk had the worst customer service I've ever encountered in my 50 years. He was completely unprofessional and beyond rude.i I have never been treated so horribly and I will never ever use a Laquinta again. I now have to call my bank and report the second charge as fraud.

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