La Quinta Inns & Suites Lakewood COhotel room and front desk clerk

T Aug 12, 2018

We stayed at the La Quinta in Lakewood CO, checked into our room at about 12:20pm (we came from a red rocks show) when we got into our room we wanted to rinse off. And there was a huge poop stain on the bottom of the shower! It was disgusting but it was 1 in the morning so we didn't want to go back downstairs and complain, we decided to go to sleep and just say something about it in the morning. So, when we went to go check out of our room we let the front desk woman know that we had a problem with our room and showed her pictures of the stain and she just stared at the picture with a blank face and literally the first words that came out her mouth was "well you're not getting your money back." We didn't even ask for our money back, but yes I was expecting at least an apology. I asked again there's nothing you can do? And she said well you guys are already checked out so it's too late you should've said something about it last night ( WE LITERALLY STILL HAD OUR ROOM KEYS IN OUR HAND) so no, we were not done checking out. She did nothing to help, was so disrespectfull and didn't even apologize. It was horrible customer service and really uncomfortable to be in that bathroom with someone's elses poop smeared in the tub. And yes I now want a refund or discount because we paid $165 for one night to sleep uncomfortable next to someomes fecis in which we can smell in the whole room. Who knows if that bed was even clean!? And to be treated poorly by the front desk lady I will never go back there and I will be letting my friends and family in this area know not to go there.

La Quinta Inns & Suites Lakewood CO
La Quinta Inns & Suites Lakewood CO

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