La Quinta Inns & Suites 31 W 71st New York, New York. 10023front desk attendant and elevator

J Sep 20, 2018

On Sept. 20, 2018 at approximately 11:08p.m. me and my Fiance Daniela Resendiz where going to our room on the 9th floor via hotel elevator. Upon entering we tap on the 9th floor button, the elevator door closed and the elevator began to go up when it suddenly came to a complete stop on the 8th floor. I immediately called the front desk and told the attendant our situation, he advised me he would make note of the situation. 15 minutes lapsed due to no air cooling in the elevator I called the front desk again asking for progress, he stated he's looking for a key and hung up on me not reassuring me the situation was under control. 15 minutes later totaling 30 stuck in the elevator I once again called the front desk this time the attendant yelled at me in a harsh aggressive manner saying "hold on a [censored]ing minute I am working on it" and hung up on me again. So I called 911 and the dispatcher patched me into the NYFD, I stated my situation and where I was. 10 mins later they where on the scene and freed us from the elevator. Upon arrival to my room after 60mins plus of being stuck I called the front desk and asked for his name he gave me the name, Linwood, than I asked for the managers name and he said Vijay. I told him to leave a note telling the manager that I wanted to speak with him and he told me "whatever you can do that yourself tomorrow" and hung up on me. I've been a member of La Quinta for several years and a Elite member for several if those years have stayed in La Quinta hotels all across the US and not once have I experienced a ordeal as this one. I understand mechanical problems but the service I got from the staff was outrageous and uncalled for.

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