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I was previously a member of LA Fitness in Scarborough, Canada. I also had the PT sessions. In March/april I cancelled BOTH my PT and membership. Cancelling the PT membership was both time and hassle and another payment was taken in error. I was also given the wrong information from the club itself. This issue was resolved over phone calls.

Regarding my membership I had to sent a cancellation form to the address in California. I was told once received all payments would stop.

As off today I have been charged by my bank and upon further inspection I can see a payment of $50 was taken from my account and has been taken every month. I was under the impression these payments have stopped months ago. I have just check and payment have been taken for May - Oct that's 5 months payments I did not expect to be taken.

Please help as mentioned I was under the impression everything was cancelled. Unfortunately I have changed email addresses in that time and cannot forward the emails I received from LA Fitness.

I have instructed my bank not to let any further payments go through but that is 5 months of payments you have taken when I didn't even know I was a member.

Alanna McCance

My updated email address in [protected]


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      Oct 18, 2017

    You should contact LA Fitness directly to try and get this resolved. If they cannot do anything for you then you can always attempt to dispute it with your credit card company.

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