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I've read nightmare stories about canceling LA Fitness memberships. At first I could not understand why people were having such a hard time canceling their memberships.

Its as simple as filling out a form, placing it in an envelope, throwing a stamp on it and dropping it in the box. Approx. 3 weeks after doing so, I have not heard from LA Fitness and am getting the usual run around every time I call. "We have no record of your forms on file." (Exactly the line from the nightmare stories.) The member services rep says, "It usually takes about 2 weeks to get here and process."

Two weeks from NJ to CA via snail mail, and for someone to open it and push a few buttons in the computer to cancel auto billing. (Could this not be done over the phone? VIA fax?) The form doesn't even require a signature.

Theres no way to prove it because its been shipped standard USPS (for all I know it could have been lost/not processed yet/placed in the garbage). So last week, I re-send the forms via CERTIFIED Mail so I know when it gets there. To avoid being charged another month for an already canceled membership, I freeze my account over the phone. I figured if I'm going to lose money $10 is better than $34. Several days later, they call me up to update my credit card info but I refuse.

Later that day, I call to inquire the status of my account and its magically active. How about that? What a mess.


  • Ma
    Margaret Russell Mar 24, 2007

    Instead of my 1 free personal trainer session, I ended signing a contract for 1 session a week for 6 months. I explained I did not want weekly sessions & I was told I could cancel at any time by calling them. I did call & cancel the next day. Two weeks later, a charge of $136 appeared on my bank statement. When I went to the gym, I was told I had to cancel by a certified letter. Then I was told I had been coming to the sessions, which I never did. The boy on the desk basically said I was lying. When I called the corporate office, the female on the phone stated there was nothing that could be done. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told there wasn't a supervisor who talks to members. I asked repeatedly to speak to a manager or supervisor & the female refused. I then cancelled my membership.

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  • Er
    Ernie S. Mar 27, 2007

    Sounds like a typical la fitness nightmare experience. This company obviously has no morals, ethics, or integrity and will commit fraud to get your money. The attorney general needs to shut them down.

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  • Au
    Audrey May 14, 2007

    This is the worst company ever - I was cheated into the same "year" contract for training when I went to my free session - when I tried to cancel before my first month was up (which it says on their bogus contract that they say you signed that you can do) they do not return your phone calls. This wouldn't be a problem if you could call them but alas, they say they have no phone number to give out!!!

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  • Lo
    Lori May 15, 2007

    I too had a membership to LA fitness for about a year. I changed jobs and was no wear near a LA fitness Gym. I tried to print the cancellation form and my computer would not take the format, i tried 3 friends computers and it was the same thing. I contacted an La Fitness to ask what would be the best way to resolve the problem or if they could print the slip for me. They refused to print the slip for me and told me to call customer service, they refused to cancel for me over the phone or send me a slip from their home offices. I tried for 3 months between Emails (which i only received pre-written answers) mail, phone i couldn't get anywhere. Finally I had to close my checking account to get them to contact me. Then i got a woman who couldn't get any ruder. She just kept saying i owed them $78.00 for the rest of my membership for the year and that "this charge isnt going to go away so you might as well pay it" I informed her i did everything specified in the contract to cancel and try and cancel, they told me they never received any of my postal mail but then in the same breath starts reading me back the emails i sent requesting cancellation, a form to cancel and any home office help i could receive. I tore into her about company ethics & calling the BBB. Still wouldn't budge on the fact i owed them money and they weren't going away. After about 4 months of calls and letters i finally sent them a letter about harassment and contacting my lawyer with proof of their troubled business practices... I never heard from them again.

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  • Br
    Brandon Mock May 18, 2007

    I've had the exact same problem. I stopped into the LA fitness in January to cancel my account. They told me i had to send in a form to cancel. I filled out the form and mailed it by February. It is now May and I am still getting charged. I called the LA fitness again to see why i was being charged and they have no record of any cancellation form. They were going to have 'corporate' call me back about the problem. So far, nothing.

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  • Vi
    Vick Lagad May 22, 2007

    LA fitness is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I would have bought a freaking gym... Its less than 3 weeks that i signed up and my card has been charged $807.00 and i cannot do anything!!! Can i file a suit? Am gonna do whatever it takes to kick their ###!!!

    Its game on now... Freakin unethical company of all times!!!

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  • As
    ashley timmel Jun 04, 2007

    I still haven't been able to cancel L.A. Fitness. I get the same run a round about how they never have received my cancellation form. I canceled the credit card they were using but still claim I owe them money even though my membership has long been canceled. The funny thing is I work for 24 hour fitness now in the kids club and get a free membership. I hope we don't put people through this much trouble.

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  • Ke
    Ken Bullock Jun 21, 2007

    Someone should start a class action suit against these guys, for harasment and pain and suffering a lone maybe fraudulent business practices. My wife and I have been fighting around with them for at least a month or two. Get this we canceled my wife's membership, my sons membership and mine all at the same time, all on the same day, in writing as per the contract and somehow mine stayed open. They shut my wife's down and my son's account.

    So my account (which for some reason didn't get closed) has been accruing membership dues and late fees because they didn't close it. So then we started getting phone calls regarding my account (we stopped the autodraft from our checking account by signing a form with our bank (refusing them access to our account, which I am sure really pissed them off). So we have been getting phone calls with them trying to verify our information so that they can get their money and we have flat out refused to give them a penny. It is companies like this that are the reasons for forums like this, consumer reports and the better business bureau. I WILL NEVER join or recommend someone join LA Fitness EVER... I would just as likely invite a terrorist into my home.

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  • Ma
    Mark B. Oct 01, 2007

    Sounds like these guys didn't read there agreements when they signed them. Every single thing they are complaining about was written and explained to me in it. As far as cancelling you can even do that on the website, so you don't have to mail a letter. LEARN TO READ PEOPLE......Don't act like you know if you sign anything without reading......NOT SMART

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  • Ca
    Candie961 Nov 15, 2018

    @Mark B. What are you an LA fitness employee. I wouldnt doubt it. Here's my experience with ProResults, the training floor is always full, my personal training hour is actually a group as the trainer has multiple sessions going on at the same time; that was not on the contract; the trainer does not speak english; ridiculous; members that are not scheduled for training are actually on the training floor using the training equipment and therefore causing scheduled members to have to wait; ProResults sucks, and they are fraudulently selling contract and overselling the training times where sessions are not personal but group. Not what I was sold.

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  • Km
    K M Oct 21, 2007

    Hmm, maybe the company should post its contract to its website, along with an easily accessible customer service line. Maybe the company should allow people to cancel memberships in-store. I wonder what the incentive is to force people to cancel by letter only. Hmm ... makes me wonder.

    I sent in my cancellation letter months ago, only to be told that it would take some time to show up as cancelled. Months later, sure enough, after repeated phone calls, I am still getting the run around, only to find that they still won't refund me all that is owed. Twice I gave them my phone number, while being told I would get a call back ... nobody called back. Twice I was told that my membership was cancelled, while they still charged me! Now, I have given them my number again, for "corporate" to call me ... of course, I am still waiting. I recommend to anyone reading this who has dealt or is dealing with these people ...


    and anytime you have ANY CONTACT WITH LA FITNESS employees, document it, or better yet, only communicate with these people by email. The only way some companies respond is by people holding a mirror up to their face OVER AND OVER again.

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  • Mi
    Mike Oct 22, 2007

    I filed a small claims action against them and found they didn't have an active business license in Anaheim. I am checking now to see if their company L.A. Fitness International LLC is registered in CA.
    They deducted money from my account without permission for personal training. We are looking at a Class Action suit.

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  • Th
    ThinkingStraight Dec 12, 2007

    If you went into the club to sign-up then go into the club and cancel. I have always found that businesses that do the friendly when u sign up and the hide from ya when u cnx, hate to see u walk in the club to do ur cnx in person. This is because you are now face to face and they cant use the mail excuses, but be sure to keep ur resolve.
    So do urself a favor, first of all go in and make sure it happens and second of all join a club that doesnt use these practices by asking the questions apon signing up. Big clubs try to impress u with the tour and wow you past the contract or agreement. Alway read what u sign.

    Take on the responsibility read, study, and listen.

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  • Ra
    Rany Elsayed Jan 28, 2008

    I requested to cancel both my membership and my wife’s on 12/20/2007 (which is more than 30 days prior to my next billing date according to my contract).
    I send cancellation forms for EACH of us in the SAME envelope. However, only my membership was cancelled and LA fitness continued charging us for my wife’s membership ($29.99/month) and denies receiving her cancellation form.
    I just filed a complaint with BBB and the FTC, and on my way to file one with Texas DA. I also have a prepaid legal service, so I'm having a lawyer contact them. I'll keep you guys updated.

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  • Kr
    K Raza Jan 28, 2008

    I paid for (what i was told) was a three year membership for $630. Tenth months into the membership, i received a call telling me that my membership will expire in two months and would i want to keep my membership active. I was shocked and have gone rounds and rounds with the club, the corporate office, and a number of customer service people. It looks like I'm on my way to getting screwed. So add me to the list of suckers that joined LA Fitness. If there is a class action suit, i will be first in line. Arent there any attorneys who would take this on contingency?

    It would be a real shame if someone dump a bag of sand into the hot tub or accidentally put a filled plastic water bottle on the sauna and watched it melt. Remember that vandalism is wrong. But if i saw someone doing that, i would have a hard time telling the people at the club.

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  • Ra
    Rany Elsayed Feb 11, 2008

    It's me again!

    My lawyer sent them a letter stating the facts and threatening of having a legal suit. Only 4 days later, I received an e-mail from LA fitness that a refund to my accunt is approved and I should be seeing an amount of $29.99 credited back to my credit card within 5 days.

    However, I still didn't get an official e-mail stating that the membership is cancelled. I'll be asking for that.

    Will keep you updated!

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  • Ka
    Kathy Jul 03, 2008

    I also cancelled LA Fitness without a hitch, only because I had read of the problems other people had encountered with them. The direct phone number is 210-202-6823. I informed the girl I spoke with that I was very concerned with the cancellation process secondary to all of the bad reviews I had read. Also informed her I would follow up again in one week regarded the matter. She must have taken me to heart as the cancellation went through before the week was over. If it hadn't, I was planning on canceling my credit card, then let LA Fitness wait for me for the payment, instead of me waiting for them. Good Luck.

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  • Ri
    Ripped off Jul 09, 2008

    Exactly the same thing is happening to me. I sent the cancellation via regular mail and they claim they never received it. I told them to be sure to note in their computer that I am quitting and am sending certifified this time, and making a copy of the damn letter.

    I called both the LA office and the office in my state. I will be following up every week to make sure it happens this time. Obviously, any time a letter goes there uncertified, they claim they don't get it. That way they are raking in 1-2 extra months of income from customers. I just knew it didn't happen to me alone--and lo and behold I get this site on my first search.

    Stay away from these guys--they are BAD NEWS.

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  • Pr
    PR girl Aug 06, 2008

    The exact same thing happened to me.

    I joined LA fitness December 07 and had my free personal training session where that idiot of trainer told me to lose 10-20 pounds...Im 5'8" tall and 125 pounds...WTF!
    I yelled at him and told him that I will never come back again, because one of my best friends nearly died because of an eating disorder.

    So, the next day they called me to ask if I was alright and I said no and that I wanted to cancel the membership immediately.After trying to convince me to stay they finally agreed to send me the form. I never received anything, so I called them and they said I should go online. I did, but i didn't wanna set up an account so I called them again and the lady told me that the problem will be solved. they will call me back.
    because I was graduating I didn't have the time to follow up with them.

    when I canceled in MAY(!!!) my Swiss credit card they started calling me non stop. then I realized that they have been using my card all the time, because I was so stupid to slide my card once over there!Since then I was sent from one place to the other and apparently all their printers are out of order...sure, but they still can print out applications!!!

    I'm working for a PR guy and he discovered in 1989 a major scam with the parking meters in LA where the city had to pay over 15 million dollars back to the people that got parking tickets at manipulated parking meters. He is very well connected and we are going to the media now. If you want to be part of it let me know.I'm trying to collect as many angry people as possible!

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  • Ma
    Maria Aug 14, 2008

    I NEED VALID, VERIFIABLE COMPLAINTS AGAINST L.A. FITNESS. I am looking into the possibility of a class-action suit against LA Fitness for fraudulent business practices.

    I had a one-year contract for personal training, which rolled over into a month-to-month. That was fine. I am happy with their training and their staff at Body of Change. However, I wrote a letter to cancel on July 10, 2008. It never occurred to me that I should send it certified/return receipt as it was going directly to a P.O. box. On August 13, 2008 (yesterday), I noticed that my bank account had again been debited $379 for personal training. I called my bank to reverse it. They wouldn't do it, since it had already posted.

    I called LA Fitness Crporate, in Irvine. Upon hearing my explanation, I was asked whether I had included my "bar code" in my letter (you know, the number on your key fob that they scan). I said no. She said, "Well, then we wouldn't have known what to do with the letter. I told her that I had printed my entire name and the branch in which I was a member and that there would be absolutely no reason for them to "not know what to do with the letter."

    It was then that she changed her tune (Debra was her name, by the way) and informed me that they had no such letter on file as having been received. I asked to speak with a supervisor. Debra told me that she was a supervisor. She then proceeded to cancel my membership over the telephone, which LA Fitness claims they will not do. But she did it because they had already taken hold of an extra month's dues and she knew that I would send another letter, certified this time, and that they would NOT be getting any more of my money so she may as well take the cancelation over the phone.

    After all of the similar complaints I have read online from others, I have arrived at the opinion that this is a regular business practice of LA Fitness. If you don't send a CERTIFIED letter to cancel your membership, they simply deny having received the letter and help themselves to another month's dues.

    I have contacted an attorney, who told me that I need a good number of people with VALID, VERIFIABLE COMPLAINTS in order for a class action to be filed. Most of the time, people with complaints simply didn't read the contract. If you have a valid, verifiable complaint and are interested in seeing legal action taken against LA Fitness for basically LYING TO YOU, please post a comment with your information. You don't have to become part of it if you don't want to, but we need your story in order to commence.


    Please help me make this uncaring conglomerate get its just desserts and stop lying to and victimizing its members!!!

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  • Ch
    Christi Aug 28, 2008

    I am fed up with them at this moment. My husband had lost his job in April 2008 so we went to the LA Fitness where we joined the next month which was June. We went at the time in McDonough Ga to cancel our membership. They gave us papers with a bar code on them that we were told to sign and write a letter telling why we were canceling our membership. We came home and did as we were instructed and mailed it in to them the same way we were told to do, reg. old fashioned mail. We also made sure that we were paid up before mailing this in. The next month we still had a payment come out of our account! We went back up to the LA Fitness and my husband used his card to get in so he could make sure he got everything out of his locker. They would not let him past the desk without using his card to get past. This was July 12th 2008, we requested papers again to cancel our membership. We went home and did the whole process again! We mailed them out that next day which was July 13th 2008. They call me AT LEAST 4 times a day trying to get us to pay them for July, Aug., and Sept. We canceled the credit card that they has access to and that is why they are calling the house all day. I just talked to a manager on the phone and explained to her what all has happened and that we did exactly what the contract said to do about canceling. All they can tell me is that I should have mailed it certified and I need to get paid up. They also said that if I pay half of one payment right now they will cancel our membership for good. CATCH: I have to do it today because there are 2 payments pending. I told her that the credit card is no longer active, that we have canceled that credit card when they would not stop taking money out of it and when my husband lost his job. She said "I understand but you still have to pay." I don't know what else to do with these people.

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  • Ah
    ahmed Sep 19, 2008

    7 months I have been trying to cancel my membership, I need help this company is fraud; I even had a medical condition what to do

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  • Su
    Susan Nov 02, 2008

    I had very similar experience on cancel the LA fitness membership. First of all, I have to register on line to get to the cancel form, but I have been registered for 4 days already and I didn't get there email for the code to get into my account. It will delay my time and maybe they can get the chance to charge me one more time. I read your guys email, so I am gonna freeze my account first, go to the gym and get the form by myself and send it out by UPS or FEDEX and make sure they have any excuse. My husband is in LA fitness, and my parents are in 24 fitness, I was thinking which one I should go. L A fitness's service give me this answer. I also had very bad experience with LA fitness's sales and trainer. They don't what they are taking about, and they are too agressive not even care what customer really want. I think we should let other people know that LA fitness need a lot improvment on their customer service. Their boss or manger should know that.

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  • Ch
    chicarocks123 Mar 04, 2009

    my "trainer" has stood me up twice!!! i agreed to a 3 month session and by next month im for surely going to send a cancelation via certified mail to get a head start all the staff is so incredibly rude im disgusted

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  • Je
    Jers Mar 19, 2009

    We cancelled our membership over 2 years ago when one of the Pure fitnesses turned into LA fitness. Mine was cancelled, my husbands was not. My husband never even entered the gym when it was LA fitness, nor did he even have a LA fitness card, but they still charged us and said they NEVER recieved the letter, which was mailed at the same time as mine. And as of this morning when I finally got ahold of Damon in the LA office, he said that is was my husbands fault for not checking his bank records and that we are to blame for this. I am so pissed off, it has nothing to do with the money now (even though it would be nice to get 2 years of gym membership back), it has to do with the principal and that they are taking advantage of the public and stealing money. Next step is to report them to the BBB! If anyone has any more ideas, please let me know!

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  • Ha
    hatelafitness May 12, 2009

    LA fitness is the biggest SCAM BAG!!!

    My son was persuaded to join their membership to play basket ball, the sales person in Atlantic Station (Atlanta GA) told us that all the good things to trick us to join. When he tried to use the facility, it's always full of people, there is no way he can play there on weekends. He wants to cancel the membership 1 week after we joined but was told to wait in order to keep 2 months payment worth. When he canceled the membership - jeez, the hardest way to cancel a membership you can think of, they make it almost impossible to go through the trouble for most of people, we were charged the 3rd month fee, which is not what we were told it will happen when we joined.

    When I called, the customer service made me wait for 15 mins and said according to the agreement, what agreement???? we will be charged an extra month anyway.

    LA Fitness is the world's biggest ###!!

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  • An
    ann Jun 09, 2009

    This is the worst and most bizarre company. I too have had nothing but problems with LA fitness, and their trainers. More times than not, the trainer was fired, quit, or called in sick, and they would never call and let me know. I sent them a letter to cancel the membership, and of course they claim they did'nt receive it. I sent a second letter, this time certified, they signed for it, and sent me a cancellation via email. However, I still had to make one more payment with them, since they did'nt receive it 20 days in advance. I went to my bank, cancelled my accounts, and opened new ones. That is the only way
    you can block an automatic debit. I went to the gym on Saturday, and made a cash payment, and also got a receipt. At first the girl at the counter said she could'nt print a recpt, so I had her write one out. Monday, I get a call from corporate, gal name Allison, and she said she saw that I made a final payment by cash, and that she needed a valid credit card to have on file. I said why, I am no longer a member, have received a conformation of cancellation, why would they need a credit card..she got very pushy, and said its their policy, , , again, , , I said why? Its paid for, and cancelled...there is no way I am giving you anything else, ..there was a long silence, and then I relized she had hung up.

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  • Da
    Dawn McLaughlin Jul 26, 2009

    I am writing because I have tried numerous times to cancel my accounts with LA Fitness since May 5, 2009. I canceled 3 accounts 5048794, F4782853 & F5623521. I printed the form from online and sent it in and they Charged me again in late June. They requested atleast 20 days and I did that. I paid in May which is what should have happened and they charged me again in June. Now they continue to call my home and tell me I have a balance and that my accounts are not canceled. I do not know what else to do. They make cancellations impossible and constantly call my home. I would like to be refunded for June and want a letter from them stating all 3 of my accounts are canceled.

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  • An
    ANGRYCUSTOMER31 Jul 31, 2009

    This is the WORST company. I have tried repeatedly to cancel my membership via their online form (that isn't printable). I've tried 3 different computers, and I cannot print the cancellation form. I've called their office repeatedly without a returned call, and I've contacted my local club, only to be told their Operations Manager was not in. I had the same problem about 2 years ago when I was being OVERCHARGED for my personal training membership for about a year. This company is a nightmare

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  • To
    ToddMeyer Aug 28, 2009

    After going through what I have been through in trying to cancel my membership with LA Fitness, it came to my mind that MOST CERTAINLY I cannot be the only person who has gone through this! With the LA Fitness ridiculous membership cancellation policy, it is very obvious the company is trying to milk their customers for every last nickel they can before they leave. If you want to cancel your membership, would it not be logical to just go to your local LA Fitness and sign some paperwork after presenting ID and then you would be done??? Sounds perfectly logical right? You signed up that way... Why can't you cancel that way? If not, perhaps over the phone... If not, perhaps on-line...

    Well, you can't.

    You have to go through a procedure by which you have to put your name, barcode, and write cancel on a piece of paper and send it into a P.O. Box in Irvine, CA. If you want to be really official, there is a form that you have to get at your local LA Fitness where you basically put that information and send it in. Yes, you have to get it at the local LA Fitness. They won't even fax it to you! And if you DO go there to pick it up, they won't let you fill it out and hand it to them so they can either mail it or fax it to corporate. YOU have to do it. I thought it was such a ridiculous procedure that I called the corporate customer service number and when I eventually got someone on the line, they verified that I didn't have to necessarily get the form, I did have to sent in the letter in the mail with my very simple information on it. He said he would note my account to not bill any further and then recommended that I send it in ASAP, which I did. He said I had plenty of time to not be billed on the 17th as I always did as it was over 2 weeks away.

    As I describe this, keep in mind why their procedure might be like this. Multiply how many people they do this to on any given day that will not bother going through all I am going through to get satisfaction because of the relatively small amount of money this is. Do this to enough people, it adds up! If you had a simple and logical cancellation procedure, God forbid, you couldn't get the extra $30-$40 a month times however many people try to cancel at any given time.

    After realizing there was no easy and logical way to quit LA Fitness, I followed their ridiculous procedure as mentioned earlier.

    Even though I did this, my monthly withdrawal was taken out anyways almost 2 weeks later...

    So, I tried to call corporate about it, because that is where I sent the envelope. Makes sense right? Remember, the local club wants you to come in and pick up a form and fill out but you can't give it to them, you have to mail it to corporate. You would think corporate would handle the situation. But they don't. It takes forever to get someone on the phone, and all they will tell you is that they didn't recieve the envelope and they in fact DID NOT notate the account as they said they did from the call 2 weeks earlier and if you prod them to help you by escalating the situation, they will refer you back to your local club, who pawned you off on corporate in the first place.

    Well, I dealt with Mike Davis at the Sorrento Valley Branch in San Diego and like all other so called "managers", he is probably in his 20s and could care less about anything except getting the next member signed up. Still, he acted like he cared and would "see what he could do" since he believed me when I said I followed the procedure because I knew exactly what it was and I had dates and times. Well, he said he would get back to me the next day. I heard nothing so I called him the day after and asked him what was up. He said he hadn't called me because he was working on it and hadn't got the answer he was looking for yet... I said, "What is that supposed to mean?"

    He basically said he talked to some regional manager named Derek Pearcy and Derek so far wasn't looking to cooperate. Mike literally said though, that he would keep working on it. I asked him "what does that mean, you will keep on working on it?" What will you do differently than what you have done already to get a different result?

    He said he will keep talking to Derek and see what he can do... Now, to those readers out there... I ask you... Does that make any sense? I have a short story as to my plight, Mike tells the plight to his regional manager Derek, Derek can't make a decision to help me, and Mike's plan is to keep telling him the same thing over and over day after day in the hope Derek changes his mind... I asked Mike if I was mistaken or whether this was in fact his plan and Mike said yes, that was was basically his plan. That is a TRUE story as this all is of course!

    I told him that didn't sound like much of a plan and I asked him for Derek's number and he wouldn't give it to me. I asked him for ANYONE's number that had the power to help me and he said it was Derek, whose number he would not give me and he reminded me he would keep trying. He said that I might try to the customer service number again...

    YES... He actually said that

    So... What the heck...I don't know if I am just a masochist or what, but I did.. After being on hold forever... Erin answered the phone and I explained to her my plight. She literally asked "Did you send your envelope in 'certified mail'"? Yes... She asked that. To try to quit LA Fitness, I not only can't do it right at my local club, or any branch club which seems incredibly logical and rational, but now she is asking if I sent my cancellation in via certified mail!!! Notice, in all my conversations previous in trying to cancel, that was NEVER recommended.

    Obviously since I am not exactly trying to broker a peace deal for the Middle East, it is beyond ridiculous to even consider having to use certified mail. But, apparently, they have in their policies and procedures manual under "Pissed off customer trying to cancel and followed procedures already" ask the customer IF THEY SENT IN THE CANCELLATION via Certified Mail!!! See how they respond to that! If they get more pissed off, refer them back to the local branch...

    Truly beyond reproach at this point. I ask her if I can speak to a manager. She says she IS a manager. Mind you, she sounds like she is 22 years old and acts like it too. I ask her if I can speak to someone above her that can help me and she said there is no one like that that I can speak to. She desperately tries to refer me back to my local club again...

    Yes... This is the loop I am in.

    Welcome to the LA Fitness Cancellation process. GOOD LUCK with it... This is for a lousy $33 but for me, it is about the principle of the matter. I don't care if it is $5.

    After what I was going through, I KNEW there had to be massive complaints just like mine online, and sure enough, there is and after reading them, I realize there are many of you like me that just want to live in a world of decent morals and principles and when it is not happening, we have to do what we can to stop it.

    Shame on LA Fitness for screwing people!

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  • Sh
    SHAWNA R Oct 01, 2009


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  • Ms
    mspil Dec 12, 2009

    I was lied to when I signed up for personal training. The salesman told me that I could cancel anytime and that I would get one free session a month. I got NO free sessions, and on top of that I cannot cancel!!! I was very clear about only wanting 3 months of training. Now I am locked into a year because the salesman lied to me point blank. The business office seems to support this!!! I am seriously considering a class action lawsuit in Easton, PA if anyone is interested!

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  • Ro
    Robin Hillier Dec 13, 2009

    Hey - its' just the same in the UK as well. Loads of bulletin boards full of complaints about trying to exit from LA Fitness. You'd think if the world can tackle free trade together it could tackle this outrageous company!

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  • Dd
    ddyell Mar 19, 2010

    I hate this place. My experience joining was perfectly pleasant. The staff was nice at first but quickly became unfriendly and perfectly useless once they had me signed up for personal training sessions that I was pressured into buying. I had been told that I was going to a free training session as a new member so that they could show me how to use the machines. I was thrown into a high pressure sales pitch where I felt trapped and forced to purchase. I used three of twenty-two sessions. I tried to cancel the sessions once I was laid off from my job but was told that I could only place my account on a freeze for a fee (I had to pay them not to take my money, ha!). Once I found work I continued to pay out the remainder of my six months because it was made perfectly clear to me previously that I was SOL.

    I decided to cancel my membership and not make use of the remaining sessions that I had. When I went into cancel, the girl at the front desk (who was uncharacteristically helpful) suggested that I talk to the VP of the gym to see if I could get a refund. I had no intention of asking for a refund, only to cancel my membership, but upon her suggestion, I figured it would have been worth a shot. A simple 'no' would have sufficed. Instead I was insulted and told that I was being unreasonable to ask for a refund (which, remember, I was told by a staff member to do so) and made to feel like my bad experience was my own fault and I should have known better. Words can not express how much this company sucks. They are shady, unethical and uninterested in working with their customer base.

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  • Cl
    cloudy moments Mar 31, 2010

    My boyfriend signed for one month free membership "SIGNED FREE ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP!!! " in order to have free deal you have to give credit card number. You guessed it. They withdrew money month after month. Long story short, went to LA fitness office to talk to the person who is in charge. You guessed it. They couldn't find "SINGED DOCUMENT which says free membership for one month!!!"
    It's marketing scam!!!

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  • Wh
    whatever210 Apr 08, 2010

    I agree with everything that is said here. I know because I worked the fron desk/operations for less than a month.

    First off when you get a big contract, read it! However, as people have noted above they sent in the 'offical form' and oh, coperate did not get it. I was told by my manager on a few times, to ask if it was sent certified mail if they say 'no', it got 'lost'.

    I was shocked but than I saw other unethical behaviors, like coperate coming in and taking away our copy machine and no program to scan copies to print off for the customer when they sign up. Oh and when u sign up and the computer frezzes (which happens a lot) you prolly be charged 2X (thats 2X 1st and last months dues, and your fee) and it takes 3 days to a week to return.

    Oh and most of the time they aren't enough people in Kids Klub for the number kids required by law...

    Since I was a member prior, I sent in my cancelation form in two copies (1, regular mail) (2nd certified mail) In the notes system I wrote how unethical the company is and I wonder which cancellation form will do the trick. Oh and I wasn't giving back the key untilmy membership was cancelled.

    When I went to get my last paycheck, my manager asked me about the notes, and why I thought the company was 'unethical'. I started to tell her, when pple try to cancel the right way, it 'gets lost' and the company reaps the benefits. She interrupted me and was like, 'where did u hear that, I never said that'. I was shocked! To have someone lie directly to your face made me angry. So I left... My membership was cancelled in 3 weeks and I believe both forms made it there.

    Long story short: DONT DO IT

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  • Ir
    Ironmustang May 29, 2010

    I have had no problem with the club in my area...South Central cancelling memberships or anything else for that matter. The club had a membership drive prior to opening and I got memberships for myself, my wife, two of my children and also a kids club. When my wife and daughter did not use the memberships enough I readily cancelled their memberships with no problem. I also cancelled the kids club at that time with no problem. I regularly freeze and unfreeze my sons membership when he is away at school and then home again. In fact the club manager has left my son work out on a guest pass when he was home for a weekend so I did not have to unfreeze his account. Because they have been so good to me, I am considering adding my wife and daughter's memberships again and am sure everything will go fine. I have also changed the method of payment from coming directly out of my bank to going onto a credit card...once again with no problem. I have not been billed in error or overcharged for anything. I have heard plenty of horror stories about LA Fitness but have not experienced any of them directly but I think a lot of the blame rests on the individual club management. However, I will tread with caution in any dealings with them...because evidently they have some problems or the amount of complaints I have found on the internet would not exist. Just my two cents...thanks!

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  • Es
    Essen Aug 02, 2010

    I am GOING THROUGH THIS RIGHT NOW. Second time I have become a member and have sent them letter of cancellation. No response. They called for payment. I said I cancelled. They said, send us proof. HATE THIS COMPANY. For all the people who make life hell for others. Hope they get suied out of their pants.

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  • Ri
    RickLaw Jan 03, 2011

    Advertising Material

    The law firm of Berger & Montague, P.C., located in Philadelphia PA, is currently prosecuting a class action suit against L.A. Fitness International LLC in federal court. The suit alleges that L.A. Fitness’ cancellation procedures for its monthly membership agreements are unfair and deceptive because members are charged additional monthly dues even after they have attempted to cancel their memberships. L.A. Fitness denies these allegations. We are currently gathering facts in support of these claims. If you have any information concerning L.A. Fitness’ cancellation procedures or practices, please contact Kim Walker toll free at 1-888-891-2289 or 215-875-3000, or by e-mail: [email protected] For more information about this case, visit our website

    Berger & Montague, P.C., attorneys are licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, and some of our attorneys are licensed to practice in additional jurisdictions, including New York, Florida, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, D.C., California and Connecticut. Our firm litigates cases in state and federal courts throughout the United States. On occasions where the firm practices in jurisdictions in which one of our attorneys is not licensed, we associate with that court on a "for that case only" basis and/or associate with locally licensed counsel.

    Advertising Material

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  • Ri
    Ricardo Morel Jan 11, 2011

    This place is like Hotel California.
    "You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave"...I cancelled my membership in 2006 at least I thought so until they told me thay had been garnishing my wifes bank account for years without us know it. Now conveniently there's no proof that they got any cancellation and we are out the money...Dont worry LA Fitness you'll get whats coming to you...if this business is still open by the end of the year, then I'll have no faith left in humanity...I vow to fight LA Fitness until I die.

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  • Ho
    HONGAN Jul 06, 2011

    Last month my husband and i went to la fitness at richardson tx, after talking over about finding the best deal for both of us, here's the deal we have been told if my husband paid $149.99+tax initiation fee + $15.00+tax guest ( both for one time payment only) then every month he needs to pay $24.99 + tax, this deal is for my husband membership and each time if i want to come i have to come along with my husband, sound fine to me because i always come with my husband anyway, when it coming to sign the contract on the screen it showing me that i have to pay $247.87 for 1st & last month + initiation fee +$15.00 for guest then on the other line showing me that i have to pay $39.99 a month, i did ask the officer why ? He told me that's ok it only showing up there but you only pay$24.99+tax once again i ask him are you sure ? He said yes positive, then a month later i check my statement i have been charged $43.29 . I came to the gym and ask for the reason, they've told me" i'm sorry it was our staff mistake but it should be $24.99 +$15.00+tax a month for me to come with my husband, "what ?" i've been told that i only need to pay once only, now they're charging monthly if i want to come with my husband, and if i don't want to pay i can't come along with him "wow" what a nice "trap" that they've giving me, after refer me to 3 different person which they called "manager" but the result is still the same from the front desk person that we saw from day 1, then i want to cancelled my membership i do know that i've to give them notice so i can use my 1st and last month, but they still don't want to refund me my initiation fee . I've find out that i'm not the only one having this problem with la fitness . I hope some one can do some thing about this so they don't legally steal our hard working earning money this easy. " watch out for la fitness scam " . I can be contact at [email protected] to verify.

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