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Horrible behavior from a self proclaimed "sales manager" at the Navajo Road LA Fitness in San Diego. When I signed up, I never received a fitness bag, water bottle, or even a key ring which other members tell me they were freely handed. I even enrolled in the personal trainer program. So when I noticed a stack of hand towels with the LA Fitness logo being given away, I picked one up. CHRIS BURNETTE ordered me to put the towel back. Not only did he call me thief, he said members complain too much about machines not working, cleanliness, and hand sanitizer? What the hell does that have to do with me? I've never been late on member dues, or complained about the club to him or anyone else there. And by the way, cleanliness & machine upkeep are important health & safety issues and should be reported!


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      Jan 14, 2010

    I think its insane how some staff members at my LA Fitness treat guests. You deserve to be treated like royalty. The whole point of these super huge complex gyms is to create a spa like sanctuary that gives you so much more than just a gym. I am sorry you had to have such a redic. experience. I work for this company and I hate the company so much. read my post. I wish there was a better way to get through to corporate because even as an employee I feel helpless. I wish everyone on this site could band together and create a bigger voice and really expose the truth. My boss is worthless and causes more problems than he fixes. My heart hurts for members, and I hate having to admit to working for a lying stealing cheating fake company like this one. I got into this profession to HELP people, make them feel beautiful, strong, better. I want to and DO treat my clients like they are A GIFT TO ME. ANd then LA turns around and treats them like trash. I hate it :(

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