Kwik Trippoor customer service

P Jul 18, 2019 Review updated:

7/18/19 stopped in to get a breakfast burger, non were out in the "hot" section so I went to the side of the counter were I saw a girl named Paige that was standing at the register scanning items. No customers were in the line of her at the register so I asked Paige if somebody could make a breakfast burger please? She looked at me in a look of irritation and replied- will take 5 mins. I said sure. She stood there and finished scanning the items. Then she walked off to the back. (Isn't communication the reason why they wear headgear????? What a waste of company monies.) About 4 minutes later Paige comes to the hot section with a tray of other foods to put out. About 2 min after that, Paige comes back up with another tray of food. I asked her how much longer? she didn't even look at me and walked off and said not much longer. About 3 min later a guy comes up with my ordered sandwhich and hands it to me.

Guess people should go elsewhere to spend their money instead.

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