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S Nov 18, 2019

I have two complaints first complaint. I work nights traveling back from Wisconsin dells back to Madison sometimes it was late nights and there was nothing left to eat so I stopped at Kuik Trip. I entered the store and asked the staff when the donuts would be out because I knew they brought fresh donuts in the morning hours. So I meandered around the store waiting for the donuts to come out. Because of my meandering around the store the employee thought that I was drunk. She had no probable cause to think that.I suspect your policy of rewarding people for turning in drunk drivers was going to give her a bonus and that's what she was working off of. shortly after getting my donut I want outside to my car and a police officer approached me. I told him the story that I just told above. the officer that time stated that this isn't the first time that this KuikTrip has done something like that and he was going to go in and have a talk with her. still I felt profiled I felt like I didn't want to ever go back to that place because of that reason. There really should be some training to identify people that are drunk if you're truly are trying to stop drunk driving and being a part of the solution this isn't helping. You're creating a long line of snitchesfor the sole purpose of getting money anybody that resembles that they've had a beer they're calling on.

Second complaint
I went fill my car up and bought a car wash. By the time I got to the carwash that day it was full to the brim I didn't feel like waiting so I thought I'd save the ticket and come back later. I went about a month later and the receipt was faded and what the shop owner or manager did was gave me another free car wash. Again the line was extremely long and I put it back in my wallet thinking that I could come back. I wasn't informed that they're only good for a month.
I came back and tried my code and it didn't work I went in to talk to the person on the inside and they said they couldn't do anything about it even though I had the original receipt which you could not read because of the fading and I handwritten the date on there the one I came in the code was written by the customer service rep on the receipt that I had you could tell it was two different writings. Anyways I just wasted money on a car wash I'll never get. the representatives on the inside saying for some reason it's offline and they won't allow me to produce a ticket. I asked him what he meant by being offline he says the car washes are down. Well I told him the car washes are running there's cars going through there right now. He says I don't know what's going on with the system but I cannot assure you a car wash not much I can do except for walk away shaking my head. Truly disappointing ☹️
I hope you change your policy on 30 days on the car wash it really is not enough time specially with when everybody tries to go and wash the car on the same day .
Sincerely Shawn Dugan

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