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K Jan 03, 2018 Review updated:

On Saturday December 30, my husband and I stopped in for gas at the Union Center Kwik Trip and my husband had his wallet stolen or at least not turned in. My husband and I searched the store and outside everywhere we could. We had mentioned it to the workers and they didn't seem overly concerned. My husband and I were frantic. They didn't even suggest to look at the cameras until I requested him to have them do so. The camera footage was terrible and he said very out of date. My question is why didn't the help call in the proper authorities when someone has personal property stolen and be a little more helpful, instead my husband had to do it when we got to our destination. It was a large amount of money but that should not have mattered because all the important items were in his wallet. Just disappointed, , because I work in retail and that store handles things alot better.


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    Shaun R. Jan 03, 2018

    Who or how did the wallet get taken? Are you sure you didn't just lose it? When was the last time you remember seeing it?

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