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Today at 6:30am (12/23/16) my husband & I stopped in to grab coffee, fill my truck up & wanted to grab 2 dozens of eggs but my husband didn't bring up the eggs to the counter my husband asked can you please ring me up 2 dozensof eggs, her response was "well" I have to scan it !! so my husband said forget...Sad thing was we knew there's a button for it on the register any other Kwik Trip has no problem pushing that button...This cashier always has a problem!¡!., she always looks that she doesn't like being there, not friendly at all no smiles & she likes to argue with you!!! My husband & I go there when we stop at Menards 1-2 times a week...& when we told her that we have a 7cents text coupon she wanted to see it I showed her the newest one, she says that too old I can't honor that ..I told her I thought Kwik Trip honors that regardless...She says we only honor the coupon ones... My husband and I thought to ourselves that is a coupon from a phone text message coupon issued by company.., ...We weren't happy leaving there...That same cashier we see all the time ...she just not Kwik Trip standard employee...Her name is Brenda...She about 5' or so tall skinny ( medium), she has short white hair, she has glasses she checked us out on register one today.., ..My husband says over & over, "she is not friendly" ..,


  •   Dec 23, 2016

    Just bring the eggs to the checkout. Why is that so hard for you? And do you think they have a button for every single item they sell? I can honestly say that 99% of customer problems are caused by the customer.

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      Jul 12, 2019

    I was on vacation and stop in all your no black people work in your y, and y black people comin in the store the casher, nasty am not for up there but I can c the racist, up I will file complain to the BBB, is wrong violate constitutional rights SAD SAD SAD SUPERIOR WISCONSIN

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