Krogersale for all laundry detergent {2 day sale friday & saturday 09/14-09/15/2018}

S Sep 14, 2018 Review updated:

Was at Groveport Ohio Kroger at 2:30 pm to buy the All laundry detergent . Was told all ready sold out and would not be getting any in, then called 5 more Kroger stores all sold out . How can you have a sale and not have items . I was aslo told the cereal that was on sale was also sold out and would not be getting any more for sale . No rain check or substitions for any of these items now this is a 2 day sale and your limit was 5 of each item for $0.99 come Krogers how can you have sales and no items for the sale . Are you trying to get people to come in and buy stuff that isn't on sale is that the plan . People go for the sales . Im so disappointed really thought Kroger was a good store but its just another company with false advertisment time for a new store most likely walmart would be a better store for shopping . Maybe if everyone band together and didnt buy anything from krogers for at least one day they would feel the hurt in their pockets and start honoring their sales and makeing sure there was enough of that item or at least rainchecks when sold out .


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      Sep 21, 2018

    Same thing here in Mississippi and Tennessee. I have been checking the Kroger stores in Mississippi and Tennessee since last Saturday for the 99 cent All. Everyone of them are OUT, even though it was extended through the 22nd. This isn't the first time Kroger has done this. When you have an item that you know your customers are going to really go after make sure if you can't get enough in during that sale period, give a rain check,

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