Krogerproduce: peaches

J Sep 15, 2018

Just wondering why I cannot get an edible peach from your produce department.

The store I shop is in Mt. Juliet, TN. 4120 N. Mt. Juliet Road. I shopped 9/12/18 at 11:11.
I purchased a 2 lb. bag of peaches. They were 2 bags/ $5. I had recently been
buying my fruit from the Publix located nearby. It's higher priced but it's always
good. They had been selling the same style bags of Georgia peaches for $2.99
(same size bag). I don't mind paying extra for good, juicy, tasty, freestone peaches. The peaches I purchased at this store were hard so I put them in a brown paper bag to soften up for one day. The peaches are gritty, no juice and even no flavor that resembles a peach. Kind of blah flavored.

I think that maybe you should reconsider your produce buyer's choice of cost over quality. Shoppers will pay extra for good, seasonal fruit and appreciate not having to go find a roadside peach peddler.

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