Krogercustomer service issue


I have never filled out a complaint before to any business, but after this past weekend experience, I'm going to start. My husband and I went to buy groceries this past Sunday, at about 7 pm. We had a full cart of groceries. When we went to the checkout, the only option for us was to do the Do It Yourself checkout. There was one Kroger employee (female) standing there and looked like she was watching everyone. No one would check us out at a regular check out. We left a full cart of groceries right there at the check out because no one would help us. While I'm complaining, I might as well add that the shelves are rarely stocked. I'm serious. I've seen when the corporate people are in. There's staff and full shelves. I challenge corporate to make surprise visits or go in disguise. You will find an entirely different situation. There are great people who work there, but then there are some who I would be ashamed to say represent my business.

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