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S Sep 07, 2018


This is one of your well wisher actually I was not going to complain for this but after thinking twice lastly I decided to complain just for one hope that you will find a good solution for this. Till now I was thinking that kotak mahendra bank is a reputated and well manared bank wich is actually only from the front side but when I looked it and came to know it from tha back side its actually a fish market where everybody is cutting each other where every body is ready to torchure where everybody is ready to dump you humiliate you harres you. By knowing this I am happy that I am not a employee of your bank.

Let me come to the point actually one of your branch in Bangalore at lavel road where your branch manager Mrs Suchita Jhaveri thinks that she is CEO of the Kotak Mahindra Bank actually she is torturing her employees abuse with them speak loudly in front of the customers humiliate the staff members in front of the customers and other colleagues I don't know why she is reacting and behaving like this. Most of the staff there are fed up with her they have decided to leave your Lavel road branch within 6 months I think more than 90% of the staff will resign within 6 months from lavel road just because of Mrs Suchita your branch manager. Every morning she humiliates all the staff members present there even I am having the audio clips and video clips as a proof but I will not give all this proofs to you. Every staff is surviving there and let me tell you one thing that one of your best employee had already given the resignation letter last month and day by day every staff is deciding to leave that branch just because of this kind of branch manager Also he discriminates between the staff members who belongs to karnatak state and non karnatak she support and appriciate and talks softly to the person who belongs to the karnatak state and humiliate harress to the person who dont belongs to that state and she says to her employee that "you are of no use you are useless you are from north India" and one thing more I want to tell you it's very sad to say that one of your employee had decided to commit suicide just because of one lady who is harrasing in such a manner. And if it happened than be ready to face and answer the media and all social networking websites and and if this happened than suchita should be ready to face the court and jail.
Even not only female staff is crying there its very sad to say that even the male staff is crying literally tears are comming out of a male eyes with this kind of pressure and harresment. Please imaging just for 1 min if your child was there in place of those staff members what will you do? what will you do if you listen your son/daughter crying on the phone call at 10 in night at his/her branch? And you if you are not believing in my words then I will suggest you to please secretly investigate on this. The employees there are not raising there voice or not complaining for her just with a load of fear to loose there job they think that your so called crual and selfish lady Mrs. Suchita Jhaveri will create issue with there job and will not release there salary and will harress them more than before.She don't let her employees go till 10 o'clock in the night weather the staff is male or female who the hell she is to decide that the female staff will also stay in the bank till 10 o'clock in the night and why she is leaving the branch at 6 in the evening? why she is not also staying till 10 in the night in the branch, just because she is the branch manager? who will take the responsibility if any miss happening occur with the female staff while going home who will take this responsibility not only this, she again calls the whole staff again in the next morning at 8:30am what the hell is happening there I dnt understand? I will request to kotak bank that they should provide Bedding facility in the office only, why should the person go home just to sleep? A person is working for 13-14 hours? This is not for one day this repeats everyday. She ask for the accounts with the whole staff wether the person is in sales department or the person is in remittance section or the person is the front desk if any person is not giving the account then she says that "you are the bad recruitment done Kotak Bank You are not eligible for this job you are useless you are this you are that..." who the hell had given her the permission to say this to anybody. Even I am also a employer I am also a owner of the company but I never use abusive words I never create pressure on anystaff altough with heavy and loads of work I never stops any female staff after 6 in the evening.She is creating a mental pressure why she is doing so I think she is mentally ill. How will a person work with free mind and with a happy mood how will a person enjoy his/her job when he/she is is going through this type of pressure?
I have too many things to tell and will definately tell you and update you with all the thinks but its a Humble request that please take this problem seriously if any of my loved ones will suffer for such more days than Suchita have to suffer and pay for what she is doing. So its better to hire a good human being rather than a animal and please appint a good branch manager there otherwise this will affect your Lavel road business. I hope you will understand this problem and my concern.

Thanking you

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