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Kijiji Canada reviews & complaints

Kijiji Canada complaints 61

Kijiji Canada - Blocked Account with No Warning or Explanation

On Monday morning, Dec. 13th I posted 2 different ads for 2 different breeds of puppies that we have to rehome. It was listed in the proper section with a paid ad. We have a small licensed kennel with several different breeds and rely on Kijiji to reach our customers.
My account was blocked with no warning or explanation of how I was in violation. When I contacted the help desk through the live chat I was told they have the right to remove content and then the chat was ended without any further explanation.
It seems only fair that if I am in violation that I would be given the opportunity to correct my mistakes. It seems completely unethical for Kijiji to take the money for the paid ads and never give an explanation or opportunity to correct mistakes if there are any.
I would like to have my Kijiji rights reinstated with an explanation of where or how I was in violation.

Desired outcome: Kijiji posting ability reinstated with an explanation why ads were deleted.

Kijiji Canada - Offensive ad posted in motorcycles, Winnipeg Manitoba.

This person continues to post this most offensive and disparaging ad.
The ad has been up for almost 3 months now.
What he says is not true and yet I have no way of stopping him from posting his malicious material. He is not selling or buying a motorcycle, seems he just wants to disparage the person. I thought that kijiji would better control the type of ad being posted. If he had a legit compliant he should have taken the matter directly to the person involved not posting this sort of material for the whole world to see. I'm very disappointed with kijiji and am considering legal action if the ad is not removed, the poster should be banned from posting for a year at least.

Desired outcome: Remove the ad and ban the poster from kijiji for a year.

Nov 11, 2021

Kijiji Canada - Ad taken down 3 times, then account blocked with no explanation

On Nov 11th 2021, after using Kijiji for 11 years my account got blocked with no explanation. My family and I have been using Kijiji to rent a small number of apartments for years. We started...

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Kijiji Canada - has started bullying users by aiding abetting crime. The site has various service providers in renovation and repairs who have been flagged with criminal charges by the consumer forum in Alberta further to an Alberta wide red alert. The business contacted me at an unearthly hour after 12 a.m. and I reported and blocked the user after learning about the consumer alert posted against the person and business. did not take down that Company's ads. Instead they bullied me and the business has several accounts with which they are posting multiple ads from multiple email accounts to defraud innocent consumers on kijiji. must be reported to the authorities for promoting ads of scamsters in return for money and scaring the victims of their fraud favorites when objections are made to the fraud abetting by by ripped off consumers. is offering a platform for flagged businesses who are on red consumer alerts to defraud Canadians while bullying and scaring the victims of fraud from kijiji's promoted businesses who are bribing with money to get's help to defraud the public. This is aiding and abetting crime and promoting public harm.

Desired outcome: Investigation of by the police

Nov 02, 2021

Kijiji Canada - Lagostina Toaster

The advertisement was for a Agostina Toaster asking $30 on Hamilton Kiji site saying it was in Grimsby. After a contacted the proposed seller we settled on a price of $25 and a tim e I could pick it up. The time was 1-30to 2-00pm on the 2nd Nov 2021. The address he gave me was 7056 Concession Road Smithville.
My wife and I drove there at the correct time and day which takes approx 1hour to find he does not live there. I talked to the owner of the house and he knew nothing about it. To me he was just wasting my time.
Philip Lees

Kijiji Canada - Kijiji account closed

I'm a senior lady who is downsizing household items and have been a Kijiji customer for about 10 years, without incident. Recently I was told that Kijiji was not the appropriate platform for my ads. My ads are quite benign, just household items, childrens items, games. I have tried numerous times via email to try to find out what the problem is and I don't receive any reply. Kijiji seems to think it is unaccountable to their customers. If I have posted something that is in violation of something, I think, especially after 10 years, I should at least know what it is and be given the opportunity to rectify the problem - can't rectify if I don't know what it is. I have never been asked to delete any ad, had any ad deleted or prevented any ad from being posted. Kijiji is a great site but I think their Team needs to be less rash in their decisions and have more respect for their customer base.

Desired outcome: I would like my Kiiji account to be reinstated.

Kijiji Canada - Get Cheap Ad ID 2504412

This company are posting ads on Kijiji featuring a item at a reduced price.
When you order the item it is sold, but you are referred to there web site for the same item at a greatly inflated price. I have telephoned the sales desk and have been told the same thing on three different items (sold but have more at a higher price).
The ads remain on Kijiji even when the item is sold.
Get Cheap is using Kijiji to draw customers to their web site with no intention of selling at the Kijiji advertised price.

Desired outcome: This company should be baned from Kijiji for this scam practice.

Kijiji Canada - Inability to buy items outside immediate area

Hello Kijiji. I live in BC but want to buy an item currently listed in ONtario. I will pay IN FULL for the item and shipping but Kijiji will not even let me have contact with the seller. I have for YEARS bought/sold items through better on -line sites like the California based BANJO HANGOUT without any problems but kijiji assumes we are all criminals and thus thwarts sales. VERY angry about this but little I can do as kijiji, in its wisdom distrusts everyone.

Desired outcome: Let me buy the item!

Kijiji Canada - Unfairly banned

I have been a valuable and productive member of Kijiji for many years. My account at kijiji with the email [protected] was blocked because someone else in the house I share used their own kijiji account and violated kijiji policy. Now no one in the house can use kijiji. I feel this is very unfair as whatever violations occurred, they were nothing to do with me. Please help me to re-gain access to my kijiji account. Thanks.

Desired outcome: Please restore access to my account so I can buy and sell as I have been doing for many years.


Kijiji Canada - User selling stolen iPhone still allowed to post ad on Kijiji

My wife bought an iPhone from a user Wlc on Kijiji and we discovered after buying it that the iPhone was reported stolen. We contacted a Kijiji to representative about the user selling stolen iPhone and filed a police report about it. 1 month later the user Wlc is still posting ad for an iPhone on Kijiji.
Very deceived that this user will possibly fraud someone else.

Desired outcome: Kijiji should block this user from posting ad.

Kijiji Canada - Posted ad however no response from public appears to be blocked

Have posted two ads in kijiji in the last week and a half had lots of views but not gotten responds from views appears to be blocked my family are able to view the ad poodle puppies for sale and contact sent to my email however not getting public's email at all my email address [protected] ad in pets to rehome out of city of Edmonton I have a receipt from last ad listed if need reference numbers just email me for same thank you much

Desired outcome: Instructions to resolve same and money returned spent already so I can put in ad again


Kijiji Canada - Deans auto shine windsor ont.

We are looking for men and women for FULL TIME positions detailing cars. Driver's license a must, and experience is an asset, but will train. Send resume to [protected] . Please no phones calls. this is his add...I applied with experience...went in and had 5 minutes of training...was supposed to be with the trainer all day !..the trainer went off and left me alone with little help ! If you call that training, its a joke after 3 hours. was sent home. with a very minimum wage...and was never called back...there was a woman there who was let go came back ? and was telling everyone what to do...I contacted the owner Dean and got no reply...doesn't suprise me one bit...just thought I would let you know...false advertising ...especially training !

Kijiji Canada - False address

Someone showed up at my house on July 29 and another person on July 30. I live in Camrose, Alberta and the people who showed up were from Calgary, Alberta area. They both said they were here to see the quad for sale, but we do not have a quad for sale. I do not know the person's phone number, and I realize now I should have found out the seller's phone number.

I am wondering now what to do about this, as these 2 people have had to travel 3 hours each way to get here.

If another person shows up, I will be sure to get the seller's information, including phone number and the specific ad.


Kijiji Canada - About your site in general

Your site is crap you ask for something and get everything but but what you seek you used to have a good site but it is nothing but a waste of time you got so big now you don't care what people really want from it I have had it with looking any longer marketplace has you beet hands down thanks for nothing

Jun 29, 2021

Kijiji Canada - My account, devices, laptops have all been banned because I posted in the wrong category...??

Kijiji has told me that I have posted my ads in the wrong category under the automotive section. (Cars & Vehicles > Other) I sell used engines for a living, I had a kijiji admarkt account where I paid for every click my ads got, but it got too expensive so I started posting a few in the others category. Without any warning everything got shut down!

Desired outcome: I am sorry for the mistakes I have made. I would like a second chance please.

May 01, 2021

Kijiji Canada - Scam

I was scammed on Kijiji lastnight by an account named Jonathan Adamski. He sent me a 200$ etransfer but it ended up being a request for 200$. I accidentally slid and sent the money to him and was scammed for 200$. Now this morning his name is James Hofta. I am dealing with the bank for my money return but I think it is best that you know that accounts with this name are scamming people.

I just had this happen to me as well. The person was to send 600 but when the transfer showed up it was in French and was a request for me to send him money... thankfully I didn't have enough in there but I instantly alerted my bank .

Kijiji Canada - Unethical behaviour

I will start by saying that I understand the T&C's of Kijiji's very loosy goosy terms on certain adult themed items, but as they claim to be such a "family orientated" site, it is littered with such items that I got banned for.

I had over 50 ads of collectibles, trading cards and toys, but a couple of ads were adult themed. They full on removed over 60 ads of mine, and blocked me from creating ads. I am a re-seller trying to maintain a business in a COVID environment and being chastised for it, as there are very few venues to display my items for sale.

The fact that both Kijiji and ebay are owned by the same company is a absolute atrocity, to have no other venues and both owned by a corporate monster is to say the least, not working for the common person.

I implore you and anyone who can see or read this to take a stand and help create something for the common person and not for corporate gain and advertising, we truly are lost without something that can be fairly used.

Kijiji Canada - Banned

I had 2 ads up on Kijiji and they took them down and banned me. I cannot post anything now. As far as I know I didn't break any rules, but I don't know. They didn't say, and I cannot contact them. I think it may be a person that put in an illegitimate complaint as my sister got banned and so did my niece before me. Why do they just ban you without investigating a compaint from some joe blow? My sister and I both paid for top ad too and no refund either. Seriously wrong!

Desired outcome: re-instate account with an apology

Jan 15, 2021

Kijiji Canada - Business

I was posting on Kijiji and paying extra for top placement for some business ads I made. I guess this alerted their inside sales to call me to offer a Kijiji business account. A salesman called me...

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Dec 14, 2020

Kijiji Canada - Fraud -Bimmer Haven

I reached out to a poster on Kijji selling a engine -Bimmer HEaven
I indicated what vehice the engine was for as my mechanic indicated that i needed one. Bimmer Heaven indicated that they had a compatible engine which was paid for in case an delivered to the garage. The engine however came was from a car and cannot work in my vehicle as my car's differential is in the oil pan. i reached out to the vendor about changing the engine they want to charge more, for another engine and more money for an oil pan. i cannot get refund under no circustance. now i have an engine that i cannot use, no money to repair my vehicle and i cannot get a refund from this vendor

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