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I wrote a nice ad as a female asking to make female only friends.

I received an email back that someone else said that they also received- it was posted on reddit !

Sorry for the trouble, but it looks like one of your Kijiji ads was removed. Here’s the scoop!

Kijiji is a great resource when you’re looking to make new friends! Ads for personals (including dating or casual encounters), however, are not permitted on the site. If you’re seeking friendship, please be clear about the type of friendship you are seeking and keep it gender neutral. Vague ads for friendship, ads specifically seeking a friend of the opposite sex or ads that could be perceived by our community as sexual or non-platonic in nature will be removed. Kijiji is not a dating site.

If your listing doesn't follow these guidelines, it may be removed, and your buying and selling privileges could be restricted.

The ad that was removed from Kijiji* was:

"49 Fm/ looking for Female friends ONLY not far from Beaches" (Ad ID #[protected])

_ ( their reply ! ) and when i spoke to this guy Mathieu - he told me i could not specify genders ! Which means i would basically get harrassed by men.

I asked why and told him this made no sense. He gave me a stupid answer saying well I could be a sleazy guy posting..and then I said well - anyone could be anyone - so it doesn't protect anyone then ! He said they have measures' in place to protect people from falsifying identities..

then i said well then this makes no sense either ! and he was so rude and jsut said is there anything else i can help you with and blatantly did not care to help so i told them that he and his team have the IQ of paper plates !

I tried to repost an add but doing something new- and Kijiji would not let me repost it now...

Just the worst customer service, they have a horrible attitude and are complete jerks !

I will never use this site ever again !

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