KeyBankcharged for "excessive" transfer of money from saving to checking

I just got a fee for excessively transferring money between my account.
I don't understand what they would need the fee for? Fax paper and Ink, printer and Xerox, filing folders for paperwork. Or to pay a person to do the data entry Moving the money from one account to another.. Everything is done by machines using 1 and 0. So this money I'm being charged is the traffic thru the banking software. This is only reason I can think of, to why they are charging a fee. Now that is the money trap, because it snowballs, to where you keep transferring money not knowing about this fee. EVERYTIME I transfer money, after I hit my limit. I just got 3 extra charges for this. Does anyone the MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TRANSFER, before getting charge? This fee is not right. Any input, ideas, or advice about this problem. Thanks

Sep 13, 2019

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