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On Tuesday, September 24, 2019 I had my realtor, Stacey Dunson, schedule a showing of a property in Mableton GA. The exact address was 6212 Carriage Gate Ln. Prior to the onsite visit, I researched the house online via Zillow and determine that if everything looked acceptable, I would put an offer in on the Townhome. My realtor and I went out at approximately 5:30pm the same day and as expected, I fell in love with the property and asked my realtor to put an offer in the same night.

My realtor contacted me about an hour after the showing and advised that the realtor for the seller, Paige Pace from Keller Williams, presented him a referral for CMS Home Loans to pass on to me, as they may give me a good rate. I advised my realtor that I had already been pre-approved by Veterans United and USAA. I did however, contact the CMS Home Loans just to see what type of rate I could receive. Since I had preapproval already in place I asked my realtor to move forward with an offer as requested. My offer was as follows:

• Full Asking Price of 290K
• Earnest Money of $1000.00
• $7500 towards closing costs
• Washer / Dryer Stays

The very next day the seller countered my offer with the following terms.

• Earnest Money $3000.00
• Seller takes Washer and Dryer
• $4000.00 which would be half my closing costs (her verbiage)
• I had to also use her closing Attorney

Before I could give them a counter, Paige Pace contacted my realtor and advised him that he should convince me to go with the mortgage company she suggested because it would be a huge hassle dealing with USAA. I advised my realtor that Paige had absolutely nothing to do with financial decisions on my end and she was bordering on the lines of unethical behavior.

She also questioned my understanding of buying a home with my realtor. Just as a reference, this would have been my third home that I purchased - so what was not needed was her discussing anything with my realtor regarding my educational understanding of how to purchase a home and financing. To add insult to injury she advised my realtor that the reason she countered my original offer of $1000.00 in earnest money was because her clients had recently put an offer on a home and put down $3000 in earnest money. In the event that I decided not to get the house they would lose their money on the other house - but could make up for it with the $3000 in earnest money that I would provide. Again, unethical behavior.

At this point, I Declined the counteroffer - based on my uncomfortable feeling that this realtor was extremely unethical and made me question the mortgage company referral, the suggested use of her closing attorney, and her entire interaction. As I declined the offer, she should not have had anymore dealings with my realtor other than a courtesy call, if that, to see if I changed my mind.
Following this trail of unethical behavior, I received a phone call from my potential mortgage lender, Paige's referral, and advised that Paige contacted him and asked that he give me a call and explain the process so we would all be on the same page. Now if that is not unethical behavior I don't know what is and that is the reason I would never submit another offer on that house and its also making me second guess dealing with any KW property if this is acceptable behavior for your resources.
Was she receiving kickbacks? Why was she so vested in what I was doing on my end? Her only responsibility was to her clients and not me

This is a prime example how one overzealous and untrained realtor can derail an entire plan. I was sold on the house before I even got there but because of her antics and unethical behavior, I passed on buying the house. I think her clients need to realize what she's doing on the backend. I also plan on taking this before the real estate board to address her on unethical behavior.

Michael Williams


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      Oct 09, 2019

    I'm going through something very similar. It's horrible.

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