Kay Jewelerswoodlands mall managers desmond & brittney

M Mar 07, 2017

My husband bought me a bracelet with 4 charms close to 20 yearss ago that he bought from kays. I kept in my jewelry box for a long time until I decided to drop off at kays in Woodlands mall to have charms put on. They never bothered to call when it was bk from the repair store. I had a lot of stuff going on at the time so one simple call would have jogged my memory to pick it up. I couldn't find my claim ticket at first so they acted like they wouldn't help me even though they were able to look up info on it. The manager, Brittney, lectured me that Ineed to do my part and have my claim ticket and acted like she couldn't help me without it. When I did find my claim ticket, I called bk and spoke to another manager named Desmond whom informed me that I basically forfeited my jewelry because it was left at the store for over 60 days and further informed me they dont have to replace my jewerly. He said they may help as a courtesy but nothing says they have to. Unfortunately, I have not heard one word from them. I have called the home office several times whom said that the Woodlands Mall store is not following the correct procedure. Home office said the jewelry is not at the repair shop or home office (where Woodlands store claimed it was sent bk to when I didn't pick up). Home office lady called Woodlands store to have Brittney file claim with loss prevention or something to do effect. I was told they would give me another bracelet and charms of equal value. She said the store would be in contact but surprise, surprise-NOTHING! It is clear to me they have no intentions of doing anything. I did pay for my jewelry and deserve to get bk.

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