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Hi my name is Stacey Ott KDOL pretty much mislead me for a whole year before telling me I could not apply for PUA and I was not eligible for regular unemployment because I missed work due to my brothers near death experience and didn't file a appeal within 16 days of a letter I never received. Mislead me that I could still file a appeal even know I was not sent any publication on the not addressed situation. I was not doing well. He is my last blood relative left. Just the news of having been told not a good enough reason tramatizes me. Who would even have the nerve to make a appeal at that? More like a lawyer. Sorry I'm just still very upset with the way it was handled. The thousands of phone calls and being told I was late on a appeal never received. I was told I could apply for PUA and it was for people who are contractors or didn't receive unemployment and wouldn't normally be qualified and was not able to due to my late appeal. Which pipefitting trade is contracting. We work contracts and go on to the next job and being told my account was locked for suspicion of fraud after all the documents sent over months and months with no response. I sent multiple documents including birth certificate, social security card, State ID, twice card, two bills in my name signed with the same address as they had on file, tax information, TWIC card ECT on multiple occasions over months and months. Even sent a certified letter notirized to the secretary of labor to make sure they received it unlike my denial letter they supposedly sent me. And the nerve to tell me they could not see my documents in the first fax when I'm looking at it and it was fine what I sent. I feel like KDOl was totally unfair. So many answered calls but not answered? I would call a hundred times straight to get ahikd of them. I don't know how many times I heard they did not know. So unfair. I've literally cried many times at the frustrations and I'm not a cry baby and now I have no vehicle, no tools because I had to pawn them for food or propane to stay warm or inverter boxes and batteries to live. It should of been able to be resolved way before it did. Covid has ruined my job industry. None of us have work the only difference is all my old coworkers have unemployment but not me I don't have a good enough reason they say. It was a battle with my brother and my home being vandalized before I got back to Kansas and then Covid. If you could only just put yourself in my shoes for a bit. I feel like I'm entitled to unemployment to be fair and I just expected KDOL to be fair unlike my employer did when I was wrongfully fired for attendance when I should of been covered by FMLA. Im sorry I just had to vent more.. I was to be honest shaken by the verbal response and waiting on a more formal explanation I guess. I suffer post tramatic stress from the situation and KDOL telling me it was not good enough reason and the denial being made. My brother was permanately disfigured and still takes blood thinners today because of the risk. He is my last blood family member left other than his two kids so the phone call received that he might not make it was rattling. I believe I was entitled to a better explanation to the harsh decision made on my claim. How does KDOL expect such timely responses when they wasn't able to provide one or even all the information? Im sorry once again to rant and I do appreciate your time if this gets read entirely by you. Not being rude just saying.
Very upset and sad,
Stacey Bryan Ott

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