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This has been an ongoing issue for my husband and myself since having to file for unemployment. In December 2020 after being unemployed for more than a month I tried several times to contact the KDOL using their phone number and Amelia the online assistant. Every time I call the customer service numbers the que is full and the call is disconnected. When I tried using Amelia, I was advised that I needed to contact customer service. It was a never-ending circle that always ended in frustration and tears.

Initially I wanted to speak with someone to see what effect cashing out my 401K would have on my unemployment status. Eventually I had no choice but to cash out 401k so we could eat and pay the utility bills. Throughout all of this I continued to file my weekly unemployment claims in hopes that it would all get worked out and we would get back pay.

On the week that I cashed my 401K, I tried contacting KDOL again to find out if and how I needed to show that money on my unemployment for that week. I had the same results; I could not reach anyone and could not find any answers online. I proceeded to file my weekly claim and marked that I had received a pension to account for the 401K money. The first week of January I received a letter from KDOL it was a Pension Statement I was confused on how to fill it out because the questions did not pertain to my situation. I again tried numerous times to contact KDOL to get help regarding the form. Unfortunately, with the holidays and mail delays I did not receive the letter until January 5th, the day after it needed to be completed and turned in.

I have call logs of the many times I tried to call, but I was never able to reach anyone at KDOL until I received my notice that my unemployment had been denied for a different issue. I filed an appeal for that issue and during the hearing I was informed about the pension paperwork issue. Because I had not received the notification for that denial the appeal hearing for the pension issue was rescheduled for May 5th so they could resend the paperwork.

I attended the May 5th phone hearing advising appeals referee Todd Richardson that I had made many attempts to contact the KDOL regarding the paperwork and had not turn it in because I was unable to get assistance and I did not want to provide false or incorrect information by not filling it out correctly. He advised that I should have just turned it in anyways.

The end of May I received the decision notification that my appeal was denied, and I would be ineligible for benefits. I decided to appeal that decision, I provided cell phone records, emails and text message to show that I had gone above and beyond to try to contact KDOL. Since I do not have access to a fax machine or money to pay to have it faxed, I mailed my request to appeal on June 1st to the Kansas Employment Security Board of Review as listed on the decision notification.

I had not received any notification regarding my appeal or additional hearings, so I contacted the KDOL appeals department last week. At that time, I was notified that they did not receive my appeal request. I was advised that I would need to resubmit the appeal and provide a good reason that it was outside of the 16 days to appeal.

I am so disheartened and beaten down by this system I have considered giving up many times over the last 6 months. I continue to fight through the hopelessness and depression for my children in the hope that I will be able to find a job again soon. In the meantime, we have defaulted on a loan, lost our car insurance, have two unregistered vehicles and my loose our house due to the complications with KDOL.

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THANKS TO governor Kelly KDOL a disgrace I would like to have Kansas participation in forensic audit to see if Kelly was legally voted in by people or fixed as with other States. Governor Kelly is a failure. So many peoples lives ruined due to KDOL and her broken promises of it being fixed. You spend about 5 minutes listening to a pre-recorded message just to be told at the end all phones are busy and it disconnects you! I find this hard to believe when I timed it just right. KDOL owes me money President Trump passed an extension which Governor Kelly said she needed instructions on back in December and kept making excuses NOT to honor it as all the Democrats in this country trying to quote make him and his administration look bad- Truth is we were safe and taken care of dispute the bad eggs of the swing states and infiltrated bad actors all RINOs and our bordered were secure! Now as illegals flood in with the pandemic how can they expect us to take them serious in this new Admin when they do nothing to protect legal citizens as they sneak illegals to all 50 states on our dime spreading not only Cov29 but God only knows what else that these people disease brought in with them as the counties from don’t have strict immunization rules as the United States. Sad I have to write on this about politics but since they are removing peoples voice that does not agree with theirs I have no choice to get my factual information out to warn others. I hope more people call in to Kansas and demand an audit so that the rightful winners can be placed in office and not clowns like Kelly!

Jan 13, 2022 1:47 pm EST

This has nothing to do with Governor Kelly. In fact she has tried to fix the problem. Indeed, both Democratic governors of this state started the process of getting KDOL updated to modern technology so that it could begin acting like a legit agency. Unfortunately, once voted out, Sebelius' efforts to get KDOL up to par was completely undone by (R) Brownback.

So not only are you wrong about Kelly being the problem, you are actually blaming one of two people who have tried to fix the system but have been confounded every step of the way by your "winners", who I am assuming you are referring to Republicans.

If we want anything done about this, we need a blue sweep in Kansas, STAT. Because Republicans apparently do not view unemployment as legitimate and continue to keep KDOL using technology and service expected in the 1970s.

It is true that KDOL is an absolute joke, that tens of thousands of people had their accounts compromised by hackers and fraudsters. But now it's time to fix that system so it never fails so massively again. I support and applaud Kelly's efforts, but fear that if she is voted out, and a Republican put in her place, they will overturn those efforts once again as they did before.

Republicans - stop lying to hide your own failures. YOU are the problem in this state and in this country right now.


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