Kaiser Permanentebilling

I had to go to the emergency room on Oahu, Hawaii in February 2019 while I was on vacation. I had a horrible stomach virus (maybe food poisoning--it was never officially diagnosed). I spent about 60-90 minutes in a room after finally being checked in (I wasn't keeping track of time and was dozing quite a bit). A nurse took my blood pressure, and ultimately it was decided that they would give me an anti--nausea pill to see if that would help the vomiting before giving me IV fluids. (I was trying to reduce cost, ) The medicine kicked in after about 30 minutes. They brought me water to sip on and the nurse took my blood pressure one more time. I went downstairs to get a prescription for more anti-nausea and left. Several months later, I received a bill for approximately $189, which I paid. It is now October, and today I received a bill for an additional $497 for that same visit. I stopped paying my premiums to KP in the spring after I became so angry with them over so many billing problems the past several years that I simply couldn't stand wasting my time on the phone with them anymore. Why am I getting a second bill for a visit that happened eight months ago? And why in the world would one anti-nausea pill and a nurse taking my blood pressure twice cost almost $800? The doctor basically ignored me for over an hour. He came in to ask me a few questions and I never saw him again. This is utterly ridiculous. Kaiser is the worst when it comes to billing issues.
It's too bad because the care I received locally in my home state of Oregon has always been very good. However, I will never purchase an insurance policy through Kaiser ever again. I would like an itemized list of exactly what everything cost that day and why I'm being billed a second time eight months after the ER visit.

Oct 07, 2019

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