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L Jul 13, 2019

I had a trip planned last year 2018 december. On the day of my flight at the airport OR thambo Johannesburg the "air france" personnel indicated to me i dont have a visa as i need to connect in another airport (cdg to ory) paris that i was not aware.

I immediately phoned the helpline where the lady indicated to me i can cancel my flight and pay cancel fee to obtain trave credit of $1050. She indicated to me i can use this credit before 23 November 2019. And can book my flight still for december.

The only requirement when booking my flight is i need to use the same airlines (airfrance and Delta)

This week when booking i met with allot of challenges: they said i have to pay $209 dollors to book a flight again and still the travel credit is not paid for flight

Now they say i cant use travel credit to book a flight please help me because clearly i am not understanding how i have credit but cant use to book flights. There is limited flights with details and i want to secure the flight i gotten.

Please help urgently

Kind Regards

Sybrand Lourens Kotze

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