JustFlyproblems with their website cost me $75


I used JustFly to book a flight. BIG Mistake. From the original website to being redirected to Justfly website, the departure and arrival cities were reversed. I noticed the second after booking and tried to call their "Customer service" (HA!) They charged me $75, they didn't care at all it was their website, (I went back to check the original dates and departure arrival cities on the website that directed me to JustFly, I explained this "There are no free cancellations"

Ahem. LESSON LEARNED. Don't book with secondary websites that charge fees solely for themselves as Alaska airlines has a free 24 cancellation which I've used before. JustFly? They hit you with a charge. This website sucks and if you have a problem you are on your own..

They don't have ANY customer service. This charge will be disputed with my credit card. It will not be paid.

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