JustFlyprice change after submitting credit card

A Jun 12, 2018 Review updated:

I went through the entire process. Pages of selecting and filling out information. It was not until I SUBMITTED my credit card information that they said the price would be $40 higher for each ticket. Unlawful bait and switch. I called them. I told them the time constraints of when I need to depart and arrive. They repeatedly quoted me flights that did not fit within those constraints. I gave the information for the flights I was trying to book and they quoted me and even higher number than first and second quote. Steer clear. Bait and Switch website. Incompetent staff.


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      Aug 10, 2018

    Happened exactly with my booking.
    Taxes was higher than original.
    Called just 3 hours after found out and cancellation cost 75 dollars.
    Issue was nor resolve in proper manner at all.
    Customers service is terrible and I'd say rude.

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