JustFlygiving incorrect information about the cancellation cost.

K Aug 15, 2018

Hi. I'm Khemmarin Prasertwetchasak. My booking number is [protected].

In July 30, 2018, I was booking the flight from Washington DC to Manila. But unfortunately I want to change my plan so I was calling for get information if I cancel the flight in August 1, 2018.

The representative explain to me about the charge which I appreciate it, but I don't really understand because it gonna split in many list. So I asked her about "How much do I will lose my money for cancel this flight?" and she was told me just "150$" and I will get all refund back. ( I understand that for the cancelling fee and it's fine for me.)

In August 15, 2018 about 6-7 PM, I called back for the customer service again for asking about my cancelling charge. My representative is a woman but I don't remember her name. What I mention about is "why last times when I called, the representative just told me totally I gonna lose money for only "150$" but in fact after calculate I lose "150$" ( For cancelling fee) plus with another "100$". So totally I lose "250$" Which I think it's not right. Why don't the first representative just tell me for totally 150$?? and If I know I have to pay in this amount I might not cancel it.

And funniest story is the 2nd representative just told me it not thier job to calculate stuffs for customer. Well. yes I should to calculate it by my own But then just tell me don't anyhow giving me wrong amount which make me decide to cancel the flight!

Also when I ask for where can I make a complaint for this case. She just not giving me any information and ask me to hold the line to speak to another agent. And I felt the way she talk to me was not really nice. I'm not ok with it.

I think JustFly might have records when customer calling. you can look at the record to see what all the conversation. Again I confident I asked the representative at least twice time for the total cost which she gave me wrong amount number.

By the way, I called my credit card about this transection for that extra 100$ charge.

My contact email is [protected], just in case if you need to contact me.

Thank you.

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