JustFlycould not be transported back to columbus on december 17, 2017.

R Aug 16, 2018

Ticket # Delta: 006-[protected]-99
Name: Rosemary Olubunmi Adelusi
Date: Sunday December 17, 2017- Power Outage.
The above mentioned date on which I returned from Nigeria was a day of pandemonium and confusion at Atlanta international airport because of power outage for several hours. I stayed several hours at the airport util it made no sense to continue waiting. Eventually I had to make a separate arrangement to transport myself to Columbus.
I am asking to be compensated for having to arrange my transport to Columbus instead of being flown by Delta.


Rosemary Adelusi

  • Updated by Rosemary Adelusi · Aug 16, 2018

    Your urgent response to my complaint will be appreciated.

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