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I ordered a floral arrangement for my aunt's visitation and funeral. The arrangement sent was a trying to resolve the issue, I called and emailed several times. Every time I called I was always put on hold for upwards of 12 minutes. I received several calls from them as well, and every time I was asked for the invoice # and put on hold again, even when they called me all through easter holiday and even when told I was on cell and on roam the agent would put me on hold. They called me constantly asking my # then they tell me that the florist sent what I had ordered and I had no claim. Fortunatly I had a picture and when I sent it to them whole tone changed. The arrangement was not even close to what they said it was. But they still called me asked for my number and put me on hold. They were on the most part defensive and showed very little understanding of the fact that these were funeral flowers. I don't want any compensation just letting others know this is not a reliable company


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      Oct 28, 2011

    Dear Customer,

    First off, we would like to apologize for lack of empathy shown towards you in this difficult situation. We have a team of managers standing by at all times ready to take your call and resolve any outstanding and existing issues that need to be dealt with here. Please allow one of our managers to resolve this situation in any way can by calling our toll free number at 800.777.1911 and we would be glad to offer any assistance needed here. You are important to us and we would like to fix this for you.

    Just Flowers

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      Jan 30, 2012

    I ordered flowers for a birthday to be delivered on Jan 27 - it is Jan 29 and they have not received a delivery. I have called justflowers and after being on hold for a LONG period of time KYLE said they needed to call the florist and would call me back on the 28th. Of course I did not receive a call so I called back today and was told again they would need to call the florist, I said this was unacceptable and asked for a refund she again sai they needed to call the florist, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that they were all speaking to customers (should be a clue) so I told them I would hold...I am currently still has been 20 minutes so far. Bottom Line - This company is not reputable DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

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      Nov 15, 2013

    DO NOT USE Do not care
    I picked two arrangements for reasons of my sisters favorite color and the other was favorite flower. This order was for her wake and Funeral service. I walked into the funeral home to see a ugly bouguet. This was not what i ordered. I dont carry a camera to this type of occasion. Thankfully I asked around and someone had picture of flowers. I spent over 230.00 dollars, this company offered me $33.00 dolllars back. What is wrong with this picture, I asked for a full refund as they cant FIX this mistake. They stand by their florist who obviousely just throw something together. The florist had enough time to reach out to me through Just flowrs to express the regret they cannot fill this order. This was a funeral for a close member of my family, this cannot be corrected. Satisfaction guarentee is useless with this company. I can stress enough to stay away. THEY WILL FIGHT NOT TO GIVE MONEY BACK- I WENT TO MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO GET THIS WORKED OUT, ON A 3-WAY CALL MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY COULDNT BELIEVE THEY WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING ON THEIR OWN. HOPE I GET MY 100% REFUND. DO NOT USE

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