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Joss & Main / wrong couch delivery 2 times

towtruck on Aug 26, 2017
Several months ago I ordered the Ilana 119" sectional sofa in spinnsol navy. They delivered a couch that was missing a piece, they left it and told me to call for a return. I spoke to a delivery specialist and he requested that I send him pictures to ensure that they got the order correct...

Joss & Main / evelyn curtain panels

Cassi Johansen on Aug 20, 2017
I had originally ordered two sets of the white Evelyn Curtain Panels (order #2457992305) on May 26, 2017. After hanging the sets I decided two more panels one each window would look best, so I ordered two more sets of the same curtains (order #2474011365) on July 9, 2017. After hanging the second sets, I realized they are not the same color or material.

Joss & Main / wrong couch. horrible customer service!!

CustomerCare17 on Jul 22, 2017
Order #2468479391 - not only were we sent the wrong couch (Sectional was facing the wrong way) the entire sectional piece was missing! We got a refund and was told by maggie curtis (Which is probably a fake name) that it i'd get a call from someone to pick it up. That call never came. It'...

Joss & Main / returns

vh1 on Jul 16, 2017
I bought some cushions from these guys (are they Wayfair or Joss&Main btw?- not clear) that I'm trying to return, but when I went to my account I got greeted by an "There are no orders associated with your account." Funny thing is that I've got the Order number and of course I got the...

Joss & Main / poor customer service

George Ar. on Jun 15, 2017
I am very disappointed with Joss and Main. Your customer service said they would apply a discount, to place the order, I placed the order and they emailed me that code did not apply. They could have checked the discount before I purchased the item, not have me go through all this trouble...

Joss & Main / Accent Chest

RachFitz86 on May 30, 2017
I spoke with bpettegrow@wayfair.com 8 days ago about the product I ordered being damaged. I emailed photos and was promised a replacement top no later than Thursday of last week. I had guests coming in town, which is why I bought the chest in the first place. The replacement top still ha...

Joss & Main / 7-piece angelica patio seating group

Chris Gilliam on May 15, 2017
Josh and Main had this item up on its website for $529.99 showing its 81% off the original asking price of $2, 765.97. When my wife went to hit buy now the price jump to over $1300. The next day when I called they said they couldn't sell it for the advertising price listed on its website...

Joss & Main / I bought a sofa from Joss & Main and received the wrong one

Robin on Apr 5, 2017
I bought a sofa from Joss & Main and delivery was very slow. I tried to cancel my order many times but they did not allow me to do that. I waited patiently and when my sofa finally arrived I was not very happy because it was not the one I ordered. I contacted Joss & Main and explained that...

Joss & Main / Sectional sofa. Not received in 2 months order number: 2366820222

Eladsits on Apr 4, 2017
This is the most insane thing i have ever dealt with in my entire life. The "expected delivery date" to the delivery center (who is then supposed to contact me to schedule a delivery to my apartment) was 2-3 weeks from the purchased date. Well first they missed that date by several days bc...

Joss & Main / Order no 2234486292 couches

Debbie A Shaner on Mar 28, 2017
I received 1 couch on March 10th and have been trying to get an update on my 2nd couch ever since. Talked to a Lauren, MacKenzie and the a John. Still no further along on getting my couch. I am told it is in Perris, Ca but they can't give me a delivery date. WHY!!! What is wrong with thi...

Joss & Main / Shipping to customer

Bellisimo on Mar 18, 2017
I am very disappointed in this company! I am a Interior Designer and delt with getting furniture to my clients and NEVER came across this kind of problem. My husband and I both ordered the Felicity chest. We did it separately but at the same exact time. Orders were confirmed. When I did...

Joss & Main / Delivery of a living room chair

L)B on Feb 9, 2017
I bought a living room chair from them, it was the worst buying decision I ever made! They delivered it on a day I was working despited being in communication with John in customer service who promised to call Fed Ex to assure that it would be delivered on a day I was there. They stated my...

Joss and Main / Bed order

frustrated in Florida2017 on Jan 23, 2017
I ordered a bed in October they said it would take 2 weeks - it's been 5 months and I still have not received order but they did charge my cc I called customer service over and over and they have had no communication with me expect to say my cc had expired in the months the bed was on back...

Joss & Main / Missing order and no way to contact customer service

Wendi on Jan 6, 2017
Hello I really need help and I need to reach someone from Joss & Main! They do not reply when I try to contact them directly so I have no other choice. I bought a gift from their website www.jossandmain.com and delivery date changed two times, then they just stopped replying. I don't have a...

Joss and Main / Service

Beth33418 on Nov 29, 2016
I purchased two end tables. Nov 28, 2016 Total $471.90 Joss & Main Order Number 2313830792 Nov 23, 2016 Total $529.90 Joss & Main Order Number 2311944182 I called to receive a refund for the difference of $58 and she hung up on me! The order has not even shipped and the price dropped within...

Joss & Main / Freshly cut 7.5' to 8' christmas tree

Kim Faulds on Nov 28, 2016
Bought a Christmas Tree and never got it! Ordered November 7 for delivery on November 23. If I could give zero, I would. When I ordered it was supposed to be delivered on Nov 23. Then on that day it showed Nov 24. Now it shows Monday. I was very, VERY, concerned this tree had been sitting...

Joss and Main / Shipped items after I canceled

arkuhn on Aug 18, 2016
I have the same issued. I ordered two night stands on a Monday that was supposed to ship on Wednesday. The order was canceled on Tuesday and I followed up with a phone call on Wednesday to make sure the items did not ship. On Thursday I received an email saying the order shipped already...

Joss & Main / Disappointed

Lucky on Jul 14, 2016
Ordered a table from www.jossandmain.com and after I paid I received a confirmation email. Later they contacted me and said that my order was cancelled because my order was no longer in stock and offered me to pick something else. I refused and asked for a refund. They tried to change my...

Joss & Main / Rug order

Krick on Apr 12, 2016
I have to admit, I'm a Joss and Main groupie. However, I think we are in for a separation. I order a rug 2 weeks ago. Received the rug and it was the wrong rug. Called J&M and was told that the warehouse made an error and they'd send another rug. After examining the picture I called back...

Joss and Main / E-Certificate Purchase

Reviewer10008 on Feb 24, 2016
I purchased an e-certificate from them in the amount of $207 for custum artwork. When I contacted the company doing the picture they informed me that the certificate was expired. I failed to read the "fine print" correctly in original purchase to see that there was indeed an expiration...

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