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Loyal Customers Treated badly with Samsung 55 Inch TV!

We are Loyal customers of John Lewis buying most all our electronic equipment, and domestic needs from John Lewis.

We always hoped they were there for us when their products they sell fail us.

One of our Large Screen Samsung TV’s failed us, strangely one we barely used and still had the plastic protection strip around it, looking brand new, simply would not turn on.

It flickers then a black screen, then flickers again etc.

We contacted John Lewis Via email and its On-line form because phoning them was not an option due to one of my disabilities.

While there ‘John Lewis Technical Support’ went on about us not being able to get Netflix, we had no idea where this ‘John Lewis Technical Support’ person got that from? We couldn't even get a Picture let alone choose a streaming service.

This ‘John Lewis Technical Support’ person then apologised by saying strangely flickers, no picture”, “Flickers” is a common terminology for “Netflix” hence why I thought you had an issue with your Netflix connection.’ ?

Meanwhile I did my due diligence, and checks on this supposed ‘Samsung approved TV repair’ company, on the review sites. The First reviews on this very same 55 inch Samsung TV ‘repair’ from this company was frightening indeed.

So were other reviews on this supposed ‘Samsung approved TV repair’ company. I promptly informed John Lewis and of my legal PCP (provision, criterion or practice ) a reasonable adjustment for my health situations I needed.

This is the response of a ‘Customer Relations Manager’. ‘Concerning the reviews, we handle multiple repairs with this company daily and I need to clarify that should they have provided multiple instances of poor service, we would not be utilising them.’, ? yet the reviews stated otherwise.

And then this ‘Customer Relations Manager’ stated , ‘…if you wish for me to pick another company from the list, I can do so, however I cannot guarantee they will be as accommodating, nor that they will not have some negative reviews on 3rd party websites.’ .

A. Honest Reviews of a Consumer is paramount and even Trading standards recognise the Importance of honest Reviews for the consumer to be informed about a purchase.

B. This comment of a ‘Customer Relations Manager’ saying...‘.I can do so, however I cannot guarantee they will be as accommodating..’ which we believe is regarding my Disability Needs under the 2010 Equality act ‘PCP (provision, criterion or practice ) ’ which Mr ‘Customer Relations Manager’ is not an option it is the law.

The Law :- 2010 Equality Act ‘PCP’.

The Equality Act says there's a duty to make reasonable adjustments if you're placed at a substantial disadvantage because of your disability compared with non-disabled people or people who don't share your disability.’

‘A failure to make a reasonable adjustment is unlawful and amounts to discrimination’.

I wonder what the Equalities commission would think of this comment ‘Customer Relations Manager’?

As a consumer of a purchase made from John Lewis surely I have a right to know that the ‘repair’ is done correctly, that my Brand new looking and hardly ever used TV would be properly repaired, and furthermore would not be damaged in the process? Do I not John Lewis?

Surely even ‘negative reviews on 3rd party websites’ matter do they not John Lewis?

We are shocked and dismayed at the unbecoming attitude of John Lewis representative, not only of ‘reviews’ consumers have made on even ‘3rd party websites’ , but of the disabilities I have and pointed out with regards to the 2010 Equalities act, and to a Loyal John Lewis Customer, To boot .

Desired outcome: Proper Professional Repair or Exchange of 55 Inch TV. Plus a Full opology.

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    Jun 13, 2024
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