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K Nov 12, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam,
Through no choice of my own I arrive in Terminal 7 early with a 0725 boarding on the twelfth of November. At 0030 a male member of staff security approached me and said that I had to return to arrivals as it was more than 4 hours before my flight. I thought this strange (when a flight gets delayed by more than 4 hours internationally no one informs you that you need to go back to arrivals ). Please note the private security officer was not rude but but refused to provide me with his name or indeed a personnel number. All I wished this for was to substantiate my complaint. He just said, 'I am security and I am just doing my job'. He may be correct but a personnel number would have assisted this clarification.

I spoke to TSA, again professional, but they made the point that I could not complain against someone I couldn't identify. I pointed out that that this was because they would not identify themselves. I did make the point that it was on CCTV, terminal 7, gate 9 at approximately 0030 on the 12th November 2019.

The airport security office made the same point about the 4 hour rule. That's fine, but it is also unusual in my experience (happy to be wrong). However, if staff can't be identified during a complaint, how is accountability addressed?

As it is now 0125 as I type this that means under the 4 hour pre flight rule I can go back to Departures at 0405. Allowing for security I will be going through in approximately 2 hours. So no point going anywhere.

Also as I type this a colleague sits in another Departures area in JFK. Comfortably.

Let's get this sorted.

Kind regards.


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