Jitterbug Phoneterrible service!


I had a poor experience with one operator at Jitterbug. I then came here and generalized my experience against the entire company. Within 2 HOURS of sending an emai complaint to Jitterbug, on a Satderday NIGHT, I had TWO replies from the VP. The following day I was contacted by another person who had completely corrected the entire situation. Both of these people went over and above to correct the situation and assured me that my experience was an exception to the rule. I am firmly convinced that they are correct and that I have been wrong. I am posting this here in hopes of correcting some of the negative comments I posted earlier. Any company that responds the way this company has is way above the highest standard; working in full integrity from top to bottom. I have no idea what was really going on with the operator I first spoke with, but I am certain that Jitterbug will deal with it and do whatever is the right thing to do for all concerned.


  • Jo
    John Hopkins Dec 26, 2007

    This company doesn't care about its customers. They may be back peddling due to all the negative reviews they have received online, but they'll be back to business as usual after the New Year, cutting corners and ripping customers off as usual.

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  • Im
    IM Mad Dec 27, 2007

    Disagree with you Todd -- and besides you may want to verify the name of the VP you spoke with, seems like everyone is a VP at that company. I wonder who truly does the work. I have made a New Year's resolution to discontinue my service with GreatCall. I generally like to give businesses a chance to perform exceptional customer service but after speaking with several of their reps; it's hopeless. The company is a scam and just wants to make a buck; they don't care about their demographics. I would check out the competition and check out the blogs before making decision to purchase this phone/service.

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  • Ma
    Maureen Milliken Mar 06, 2008

    I totally agree. About a month ago, I became unable to make outgoing calls. Callers could call my inbox, but I never got the message. Annoying. I've called the company twice, both times was told a tech would call me back. Never did. Then I e-mailed. I have yet to receive a reply.

    So today I cancelled my service. At the end of the conversation, the operator told me that they would send a mailing label to mail my phone back because since it was their problem, I shouldn't have to pay. Not thinking, I said "OK."

    After I got off the phone, I said to myself "Whoa! Didn't I pay $147 for that phone?" Why they heck would I be sending it back?

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  • Mi
    Miss Georgia Lynn Harris Mar 09, 2008

    I know first-hand that Jitterbug is a rip off. I live in North Florida half of the year and Southern California the rest of the time, and my cell reception is just awful when I travel. Not to mention, I've been scammed on my bill for 6 months now with all kinds of extra charges that are not mine. My oldest son has to call and handle it for me because the Jitterbug customer service gets my stomach all in knots. They have some rude youngsters working up at this company who would just as soon spit on you than help you or solve the issue. Also, I have personal health problems and I wish Jitterbug would work so I could have the 911 handy. Jitterbug is a real disappointment and they have let my family and me down.

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  • Ra
    Ray Walker Apr 26, 2008

    Their return policy sucks. I ordered 2 phones. They billed me 1/2 @ $176.00 I returned the phones due to size. They billed me $52.38 but left the $176 on the credit card instead of remitting the $176 at the same time they added their new charge. Not quite what thei ad on return policy states. I won't quibble about the return fee, but it is a bit high. My conversation with them to return it was neither rude nor friendly.

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  • He
    Heather May 13, 2008

    I agree totally that Jitterbug is a rip-off! I ended up calling and cancelling my service which I never actually recieved because they never set up my phone for me, but still charged me for it! I called 5 times to complain about not being able to use my phone, and nothing got done about it. Seemed like they just wanted to keep stringing me along. They didn't try very hard either to make me happy when i cancelled, all they did was offer to give me back my set up fee. I said no way, i'm fed up and i'm returning the phone. It's their loss, because I was so excited about getting it and all it turned out to be was a huge dissapointment and an even bigger headache!!!

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  • R
    R. Jun 03, 2008

    I ordered a Jitterbug phone for my elderly mother for emergency use. So far it only worked the first day she had it. There is no service and her stored phone numbers no longer come up. I called customer service three times now w/ no success fixing the problem. Finally I was promised that a tech person would call me back to help. Now, two days later, no one has called yet. I already paid a bill for one month of service (although she only
    had the phone for 2 weeks when I got the bill).

    If I don't get this thing fixed tomorrow I am sending the phone back and I better get a full refund on it plus a refund for the service I paid for (since there has been none). I could not be less satisfied by the service at this point. I will not recommend this phone to anyone.

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  • He
    Heather Jun 06, 2008

    I hear you. Here I am, let's see now, 42 days after I returned the phone to Best Buy where i bought it, and I still haven't gotten my set up fee back yet. I've called 5 times already asking them where it is. They just keep stringing me along. Called yesterday, they told me it was credited back to me 3 days ago, Hmmmm, then why isn't it back in my bank account? If it doesn't show up in my account within next few days, I'm calling the attourney general's office, i've had enough of their crap and lies. Buyers Beware, DO NOT BUY A JITTERBUG, SAVE YOURSELF A HUGE HEADACHE. I orinally wanted a jitterbug because i hated cellphone's, well all they did was make me hate cellphone's even more!

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  • He
    Heather Jun 08, 2008

    Finally got my money back. I'm totally done now with jitterbug. Good luck to anyone else struggling with them trying to get money back or whatnot.

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  • Vi
    Virginia Sep 24, 2008

    Ok, guys! You've convinced me. I have enough to do without jitterbug grief! Guess I'll stick with Verizon. Thanks!

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  • Ch
    Christopher Metcalfe Oct 13, 2008

    I have another phone service and have been with it for many years I hate my presant phone company and would change in a second.I just can't find a phone company that tells the truth! We are at there mercy. It ts just terrible to read these complaints and I can't find anyone praising this company so I will stay were I at because I know what to expect watch every bill and pay only what you want to pay and if they decide it not a enough they will turn it off and that will be it!

    Hope Youall Find One Thats Right Good Luck


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  • Em
    emma pieczkiewicz Oct 23, 2008

    I have an equal if not crazy story about this company.

    After arguing with the woman on the phone. I finally

    received the return address of the company, And I still
    don't know if it is correct. 2000 usg or 2002 sg????
    It was not pleasant. I received 2 phones. One I ordered
    and supposedly one that was ordered by my husband by
    phone, who was in the hospital getting a triple by-pass,
    The woman insisted on talking to my husband about
    ordering the phone. Finally she gave in and gave me the so-called address. (Do you notice they do not say where
    you can return the phone if you decide not to keep it?)
    Well we still have one of these phones. Wish I didn't
    order any . You have to call in to activate phone. And
    believe it or not the phone #2 which was not even opened
    in pristeen shape I have to pay a $35 activation fee.
    They say it is already sent activated. They lie, lie, and lie.
    So Why did I have to call in to activate the 1st phone?
    I just is not worth it. All kinds of bells and whistles and
    hoops to jump through. We have not used the phone yet
    we have had it for a couple weeks . I have the thought to avoid more aggravation and problems which we certainly
    don't need. Just to let the whole thing just drag out and
    cancel itself out. Right ---Just a simple phone on hand for
    emergencies. What a shame aarp has endorsed this.
    I Ordered this from Gold Violin catalog. No more ordering
    from them. And when I finish here I will let them know what a lousy company jitterbug is. Jitterbug is aptly
    named, They jump all over not to let you get a simple
    phone which is their so-called logo saying. Yeah! They
    provide all the hoops barrels whistles and bells if you contact them. Get ready to jump through the hoops!
    By the way could someone please provide me with the
    return address for one of these phones? I feel I don't
    have the correct one. Now that I certainly would appreciate.

    Mrs. Pieczkiewicz

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  • De
    Denise Nov 06, 2008

    I haven't tried Jitterbug (thank goodness), but definitely look at to-go pay-as-you-go plans. If you don't use the phone too much, they are so much better! I use the Verizon one, the basic plan - .99 per day as long as I'm in network. If I don't use the phone, I won't pay that day. No hassles, no commitment.

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  • Jb
    JB_CSR Nov 14, 2008

    The return address for Jitterbug is:

    Jitterbug Returns Center
    RA# (insert old account number here)
    2000 USG Drive
    Libertyville, IL 60048

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  • Ma
    Maxi Mar 17, 2009

    Thank God I came across this board. I was about to purchase a jitterbug phone for my mother who is 88 yrs. old and jitterbug by samsung is the only phone made to service senior citizens. I don't know why none of the major carriers have this option of a phone. This is a large part of the population that needs to be serviced. Nonetheless, after reading all these problems with jitterbug service, I think I will just take the time to try and teach my mom how to use a regular cell. I'm sure it will be much less of a headache than what I have read here. Thank you for the advance notice. It probably was a life saver.

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  • Bl
    blackinkdesigns May 30, 2009

    I totally recommend Comsumer Cellular (consumercellular.com). The have great affordable plans for elderly people with excellent service.

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  • Pc
    PCB Lynne Aug 04, 2009

    This company preys upon the elderly and disabled. I wish I had done more research before buying a Jitterbug for my 18 year old disabled daughter. She used the phone only a handful of times and the battery ran out. We tired to recharge to no avail. I called the company to get some advice on how to recharge. After telling me to do a few things and confirming that the phone sounded like it was in great condition she told me to send the phone in. I questioned this, as I still had two weeks left to return the phone to the retail store for a full refund. "No, " she said send it in to us and we will figure out the problem and correct it. Against my better judgement, I did as asked. I trusted the company to do the right thing. If I even thought that the phone was damaged or unfixable I never would have sent it back to the company, I would have returned it to the store. Anyway three weeks later I still had not heard from Jitterbug, so I called to inquire. At his point I was told that the phone was not fixable and I would have to pay another $150 for a new phone. I couldn't believe it. Do not buy a Jitterbug. They are a total rip-off. I am writing to AARP, the National Down syndrome society, the National society for disabled persons, advertisers and retailers to let them know my experience. I hope others will do the same. Shame on Jitterbug/greatcall

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  • An
    Annie says Aug 21, 2009

    It's unbelievable that the same scam companies that have long lists of complaints, advertise on the same sites.
    When it comes to the economics of advertising, the buck reins supreme. There should be a law that demands people to go onine before buying any advertised item and check out all the complaints.

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  • Ch
    Chaz1 Oct 14, 2009

    I am so pissed off at Jitterbug I could spit blood.
    First it worked allright...then I could not recieve calls...then I could not make calls.
    I told them this was a phone for someone whom has severe health and wealthfare issuses.
    They would say there is somekind of a connection problem and it would be fixed in 48 hours.
    Well that was a total ### lie
    I demanded they send me a new phone overnight and when I didn't reieve it I called up and the rep gave me a bogus UPS tracking number.
    I am cancelling if I don't get this squared away in the next day or so.
    And if they don't refund, I'll be glad to start a class action suit to put these ###s out of buisness.
    Who knows how many people have come to near death or even died because of their negligence.
    Charlie in Houston

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  • Bl
    black daliah Oct 15, 2009

    I am flabbergasted that Jitterbug continues to operate business in this country. They are conning our senior citizens, disabled and others out of hard earned funds. Why aren't the lawyers who need work taking on this company? Expose them by writing to the television network and radio broadcasting network. WHEN A BUG GETS ANNOYING, YOU STEP ON IT.

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  • Gr
    graficbill Nov 01, 2009

    I'm glad I got to see these complaints. They are consistent and are a great "buyer beware!". I was attracted by a phone they offered in an ad that had only 3 buttons. Since my brother is totally handicapped and can't see and barely hear with two hearing aids the voice activation looked like a lifesaver. When i called them up they said it was discontinued???? The lame customer service rep could only say that people liked a full touch key pad? Right!!! All of this BS just adds up to a scam in my opinion and I thank you all for sparing me the needless and torturous refund process we would inevitably go through. I hate companies that prey on the disabled and elderly. Don't they go through enough grief without scaming them over and over again with false promises, half truths and crummy service!!! I also agree that one should have to read complaints about any product before jumping in.

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  • La
    LadyofQuality Nov 10, 2009

    I am so happy to have found this Complaint Board regarding Jitterbug Phones. I, too, have had disappointing experiences with Jitterbug, the last one of which led me to ultimately cancel my Jitterbug Account. Jitterbug's only "plus" is its excellent audio quality. I sent three email Complaints to this Company and received no response. My Complaints were and are as follows:

    1. You cannot alphabetize your contacts on your Jitterbug phone. You must either go online or call the Jitterbug operator, with the consequent 5 minutes plus actually talk time charge. Also, you are limited to 50 contacts. What a joke! I can get a phone from Cricket with unlimited contacts, unlimited calling (including long distance), unlimited texting, free voicemail and 3G mobile web (or just moble web) and no contract.

    2. Texting is next to impossible. The letters on the phone pad are very small and Jitterbug provides no T9 or predictive text. I can go to Cricket and get a phone with a pull out QWERTY keyboard and predictive texting.

    3. Voicemail is a $3.00 monthly charge. I can get this for free from a Cricket phone.

    4. With Jitterbug, the charge for texting is 10 cents a pop for both outgoing and incoming messages. On the other hand, texting is unlimited and free and comes with predictive texting on every Cricket phone.

    5. Jitterbug thinks it is doing you a favor by not offering email, but with the prices it charges, I can go to Cricket and get a loaded phone with no contract.

    6. Contrary to its advertising, Jitterbug operators are not friendly. In fact, they are rude!

    7. The ultimate insult which caused me to immediately cancel my Jitterbug account was when I attempted to subscribe to a feature called MyCalendar. It was advertised as a free service on my phone bill. The directions were to go to www.myjitterbug.com/MyCalendar and sign up or call customer service. When I visited that website, MyCalendar was no where to be seen. I then phoned customer service and, after three lengthy holds, the rep finally informed me that my phone did not come with the necessary software. If I wanted it, I would need to send my phone to a software company to load it. That did it! I informed this rep that that was not what was advertised. He said he realized that but that he was only following instructions received, supposedly, from the powers that be. When I cancelled my account, he did not give me a hard time. In fact, he did not even sound surprised. I informed the rep that I would be filing formal complaints with the FCC, the FTC and the Consumer Protection Bureau of the Attorney General's Office of my State. I intend to follow through with this because this Company ought to be put out of business and subject to the payment of a hefty fine for deceptive advertising.

    Thanks again to all who read this. It is good to know that I am not alone.

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  • Km
    kmrmom42 Nov 21, 2009

    After reading through these comments I recognize many of the problems that my mother has had with this phone. I purchased it for her hoping to make at least one aspect of her life easier and it has been more trouble than it is worth. I hope people are reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau. I intend to.

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  • Km
    kmrmom42 Nov 21, 2009

    I wish I had read these complaints before I purchased this phone for my mother. She has had many of the problems mentioned here. I had hoped that this would make at least one aspect of her life easier for her, unfortunately it has been the exact opposite. I hope people are reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau, I certainly intend to!

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  • Gu
    Guardian Nov 27, 2009

    THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to post their experiences to this board. I was all set to order a Jitterbug for my Mom for X-mas when I decided to see what others thought of the service. Now I know. Needless to say, I am getting her a simply "pay as you go" to keep for emergencies.

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  • Sg
    sgfsteelers Feb 02, 2010

    Not being rude!! All in friendly tone - honest. LadyofQuality, these phones are not for you. These are for people who just want a phone. Most people who are older &/or handicapped do not want or need a lot of bells and whistles. I am 47 & my mother has told me many times that she just wants to make a flippin' phone call!! lol She tries to use mine & because of her eyes & the size of the buttons & the confising phone (& she's extremely intelligent - I have an i-phone, just changed from blackberry), next thing she knows, she surfing the internet or something else & she's really frustraited & ready to throw it. Sounds like you want to do some of those things & get a better deal (NOTHING wrong w/ that), so this company would not be for you, but it does have its purpose for people who do not. People who do not even want their phone to have the internet & such so because of their eyesite & all. That way when they need to make a call, they can just make a flippin' phone call as she puts it. & I do not understand why there is not a large button, loud ringer/audio phone that is JUST A PHONE being sold by all large carriers since there most obviously is a market for it but they apparantly prefer to cater to the teens & the business yuppies... btw, this runs on verizon's network for those of you who did not know & I THINK the co is a subsidiary of thier's...

    I don't have any dealinga w/them & if they are doing these things, they need to be reported to the BBB (Better Business Berea-sp?) complaining on the internet does nothing.

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  • To
    ToddB Feb 05, 2010

    Now there is a better alternative on the market called the Just 5. It’s got the big buttons for easy dialing and the selling point for me was the SOS button feature. The phone allows you to program up to 4 numbers which are connected to the SOS button on the back of the phone. In the event of an emergency you can press the SOS button and the phone will automatically begin dialing the 4 numbers you have preset (like 911 or your doctor, etc..)until someone answers. When they do answer, the phone automatically goes into speakerphone mode so you can communicate quickly and get the help you might need. Also, when the SOS button is activated, an alarm sounds to let those around you know you need help. The buttons are big, the perfect size actually, and the display screen shows the numbers in large, easy to see format. The volume of the ringer and the speaker are loud and clear, making it easy to hear while using the phone. It’s a perfect phone to have, easy to use and not bad looking either. It comes in several different colors. My mom loves it and I’m so glad I was able to get it for her. Here’s the website where I found out about the Just 5: http://www.just5.com

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  • Ci
    ciq4u Mar 20, 2010

    just a small bit of info...just wanted everyone to know...jitterbug is operating on the verizon network...should have great service...wonder what's the problem???

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  • Ah
    ahwell Mar 28, 2010

    They bilked us big time, and after we canceled the service, are now getting yet another $45 bill (which they are now threatening to send to a collection agency). The last hundred dollars I paid they assured me was the last of it. Now this. I'm tempted to ignore to bogus bill, but don't want anymore hassles. I'm very sorry I ever bought a jitterbug phone. It is collecting dust now. Anyone want it?

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  • Do
    DONNA GAUGH May 23, 2010


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  • De
    Denise Llo May 24, 2010

    I can't believe the awful customer service this company has. First, they are a company that is marketing our senior citizens according to everything I have seen and read. After dealing with the customer service department more than once, I was totally disappointed that they would treat our golden citizens in such a manner that includes deceptive practices. Beware, you must know what plan you want before you call. REALLY! You have to tell them what you want.
    My 83 year-old mother-in-law called Jitterbug and said she wanted a phone like her husband. Now a good phone company would ask some questions and the obvious first one would be "do you want to add a phone line to his account?" This is not the case with Jitterbug. They just set her up on her own account. So instead of a 14.99 a month addition to Jim's account, she has a 29.99 a month plan of her own. I asked why this was done and was told because she didn't specifically ask for her line to be on her husband's account. This is a quote..."The customer has to tell us which plan they want" I asked how were they suppose to know that what the plans were and was only given a run-around answer so I can't explain the answer. There' more...She got the phone and it was difficult to work (it was different then Jim's). They called and a replacement was sent. Unfortunately the battery would not hold a charge so they had to get a new one sent. So much for the 30 day trial period so she could cancel. Then they had to call 3 times to get it programmed correctly. She called to cancel and they offered her 50% off for one month (she already paid for 2 months of not being able to use the phone) if she continued the service. I asked her why she didn't just cancel and she told me they made her feel like she was stupid...WHAT!!! She got so frustrated she sent the phone back...yes without the golden RMA#. Yes, you have to have one. I tried to explain to them she was afriad to call and cancel after the way she was treated previously and she wrote a note explaining she wanted to cancel so she didn't know about the RMA#. Three different reps (one of which was a supervisor) gave me three different scenarios of what happened with the phone. My mother-in-law paid for the phone and 6 months of service and never used any minutes. Jitterbug is not crediting her anything. I still want an explanation of how a company get away with how they treat senior citizens. I will not get it from Jitterbug as they think they are an up-standing compamy. Stick with the major carriers and add your parents on to your account. You cant get some simple phones and they respect seniors. My dad has a Pantech Breeze that puts the Jitterbug to shame.

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  • Pu
    pugs May 25, 2010

    sure glad i read this board before i purchased a jitterbug...thanks gang..sure changed my mind..will never do bbusiness with jitterbug after reading these posts...who needs the hassle...

    Paul k
    Saint paul, Minn 55105

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  • Ze
    zendog Jul 17, 2010

    Just for the record... I am 68 years old but very tech savvy. I got a Jitterbug because I need a cell phone occasionally and I wanted the best, simplest phone to use a s phone.

    I had no problem for 6 months. Then I went away for a month and used the phone a lot. One day I got a call from Jitterbug telling me I was going way over on minutes and it was going to cost me a lot. They said I could pay the minutes or upgrade my plan (which would be much cheaper) and downgrade my plan when I returned home. I asked them to do this for me. When I returned home, I called up (wait on hold about 5 minutes) and changed the plan back -- no questions asked.

    For the record: I do not work for Great Calls or any telecommunications company. The complaints I read here do not echo my experience at all. To my knowledge, this is the best option for people like me who want a simple, single purpose, instrument to make phone calls.

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  • Ma
    Mad in Madville Aug 05, 2010

    Jitterbug is a litterbug! It should be in the trash! I wished I would have read all this before I got into the mess. I was not informed about the total cost of the phone and before I knew it they were taking money out of my account. And the service lady had the nerve to tell me she would deduct 5o.oo from my bill if I keep the phone. Why would I keep the phone if you all pulled a fast one on me. I told my disabled husband -don't order anything else without my knowledge. I am so pissed off with Jitterbug. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. 24.00 a month for what-that sorry &^&**%% phone. The phone cost 150.00 and I didn't even know that, and it doesn't do anything!

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  • Za
    zave Aug 16, 2010

    I agree with other persons when you give them your credit card number they continue billing you. I purchased the phone for my wife who found it totally useless, charge every night, poor calling area, these issues were not noted on their sales commercials. When my wife called to cancel they apparently denied her request as the credit card was in my name. When I initially called to cancel they report that they have no record of my call. Noted that they can easily note we have not used the phone as no minutes used they state some people go years without using phone but still pay. Putting block on credit card number as we have 100 minutes with previous minutes were reported to have expired. Told once again to to stop service as supposedly we have no contract (no contract also excuses them from these other rules that we were not made aware of when we signed on).

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  • Tr
    treyjetyy Aug 31, 2010

    LOL jitterbug dosnt have contracts.. they arent owned by other companies they are their own company

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  • Li
    Linda_S Oct 07, 2010

    If you are just so pissed about Jitterbug, there is no point sticking with the product. After switching to Just5 phone, I cannot ask for a better phone and service than what Just5 can offer. Check their senior-friendly phones at http://www.just5.com/home.php.

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  • El
    ElderCareRn Oct 27, 2010

    Just FYI, don't believe the advertising, there are alternatives to Jitterbug. Doro, Clearsounds, and ezOne all offer UNLOCKED Senior-friendly cellphones.

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  • Ba
    baldrick Nov 12, 2010

    My mother has had a Jitterbug for a year or two now, and it's never been reliable. I can't count the number of batteries she's been through because after a short period of use, they stop accepting/holding a charge. And then the entire phone simply stopped working for no reason at all -- and at a very inconvenient time because Mom was in the hospital 3 hours away and her phone was useless. We're switching!

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  • Pa
    papillion Dec 19, 2010

    the company transfers you multiple times to different parts of the country if you try and cancel your account. Many times, they don't cancel the account. The phones are inferior quality, i'll bet none of the employees even have a jitterbug.

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