JC Penney CompanyI am complaining about service.

L Nov 27, 2017 Review updated:

I am very appalled and offended by your Sales Associate in the Men's Department named Keisha . Not only did she racially profiled my son and I. She also began speaking negatively about us which is defamation of character. We arrived at the Deerbrook location on Black Friday around 9:00 P.M.
My 13 year old son found a shirt and blue jean joggers on the clearance rack and he became estactic. We where at the register trying to pay but they were ringing up a different price. The cashier asked Keisha for assistance because they were not ringing up correctly and that's when Keisha started to become confrontational and beligerent. She began to yell, " those items are not on sale" "someone changed the tickets" and snatched the pink tickets off of the items. I tried to explain to her that my 13 year old son had found the on the sales rack and even offered to take her to the rack. She refused to listen or let him show her where he had found them. At this point my 13 year old son has started to cry because of her accusations. She even mentioned that she was going to call security so we stayed and waiting for security to come so we could get the issue handled. The security never came and now my son not only have to suffer from not getting the items that he wanted. He had to deal with being racially profiled at a young age. To being accused of trying to steal by changing price tags. We shop in Jcpenny's all of the time and we have never experienced anything like this. My son is now scared he refuse to go into any store right now after that ordeal

JC Penney Company
JC Penney Company
JC Penney Company


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      Nov 27, 2017

    You have no proof or evidence that your son was racially profiled. Additionally I don't think your character was defamed since I doubt she was trying to personally harm your reputation. It sounds like she just did not handle the situation well. I'm sorry to hear that your son is so upset, however not getting something he wanted is hardly suffering. Did you check if there were more of those items on the sale rack?

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      Nov 28, 2017

    I was actually thinking of that as well. If these allegations are false then the reputation of the employee is definitely being harmed.

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