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My complaint is purely about the absolute misogynistic who is Piers Morgan. I find it crazy that you still employ this man and everything he has said and done. He is completely inappropriate and should never been allowed a career in television. He simply mocks people and their beliefs he isn't willing to understand. He a toxic person.
He should not be representing Britain or the ITV, you recently posted a video about how man should took about their emotions tackling the absolute tragedy of man suicides and then you have a man like Piers Morgan on you pay role who is afraid to use gender stereotypes such as; ‘man up'. His aim whilst being on good morning Britain is to offend people and annoyed people. How is that being allowed? People coming in talking about real modern issues and debates and are not allowed to simply saying what they've been asked to come in for because Morgan is simply talking over them or making them to butt of a joke. It's absolutely outrageous. It amazes me that you can still get guests on the show.

Recently he made fun of a sixteen year old girl with Asperger. He also always making fun of the 200, 000- 500, 000 people consider themselves as transgendered, by announcing he is a Penguin. This is utterly absurd.

There are 100s of examples I could discuss about Piers Morgan being out of order. If a BBC news reporter gets suspended for suggesting an opinion, Piers Morgan should get sacked for exploiting his role of journalism and pushing his options on everyone else.


Oct 10, 2019
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