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L Jul 01, 2019 Review updated:

The Speed at which Bradley delivers the questions to the chaser in the final round is absolutely unbelievable, and frankly quite laughable.
When people have been 1 second away from winning due to Bradley speeding up for the chaser is unreal and they should be allowed to win due to the unfairness of the round. There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the round, however it seems no rush is being made to fire out questions on the contestants part. I am astounded and quite frankly disappointed at the lack of compassion there is for the contestant. The first round there are no issues due to the multiple choice and no rush to get the questions out, which changes to a different outlook when it is against the clock.
I do hope this issue will be looked at, as it has gotten gradually worse since the first year of the show.


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    Lewis Harper Aug 10, 2019

    Such an abusive and abrasive reply is uncalled for. You are only showing your lack of intelligence and empathy.

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