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Lifetime TV reviews & complaints

Lifetime TV complaints 167


Lifetime TV - To diverse & Woke

Your movies have gone from good & tasteful to "way to diverse, to much male/male & female/female showings. To culturally "out of the Realm" of what people want. This past Christmas the only movies I watch were on GAC Family. They at least had what you used to. good tasteful movies.

I will never watch another lifetime movie/show again. I've seen some of the "new" shows upcoming. Who wants to see nothing but mean people fighting, violence and way to much homosexual/bisexual kissing & more. Sick, it's so sick. You may as well label yourself an adult TV station.

Lifetime TV - Perpetuating stereotypes

OK. I just happened to be scrolling through my TV guide, just now, and starting at 1:00 pm, going all the way to 3:00 am, here is the lineup on this network: 1) Wrong Stepfather, 2) Wrong Stepmother...

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Lifetime TV - Incorrect Season and Episode Information

On several series such as Castle and Grey's Anatomy the season and episode information appears to be made incorrect with intent. For Castle the entire day was coded season 1 episode 1. For today's episodes of Grey's Anatomy the shows are all coded season 7 episode 12. I believe this is being done to subvert the DVR from recording the episodes for viewing at a later point in time. It also forces a viewer to watch episodes they may not have to catch one they may have missed. I believe this to be a coordinated effort for viewership.

Desired outcome: Put the correct season and episode information on the shows


Lifetime TV - Married at first sight boston

Last night the 3 hour special with your predictions was SO LAME! Why would we want to watch predictions by 4 women of who will stay together when the season hasn't even started! We know nothing of substance about the people getting married, and your crew is already saying who they don't think will survive!

It was a complete waste of time and shut it off, but really, put your ducks in a row! Made me feel I missed something, when in fact your programming order is whacked!

Desired outcome: Play later in the season, like mid-way.

Lifetime TV - Content on channel 406 lifetime channel

There are TWO instances that I strongly object to:

1. The blip where a man in a laundromat wanting to help a woman who lost an article of clothing. Her response to him was disgusting and rude. (She called him bucko)
2. The blip where a woman is moving into a neighbourhood and greeted the next door neighbour. The next door neighbour was awful almost accusing the woman of seducing her husband and she might set fire to her house.
What kind of image are you trying to convey. This is disgusting and I heard kids say "I thought you are supposed to greet new neighbours with KINDNESS "

Desired outcome: I insist that you remove these two (whatever you call them???)

Lifetime TV - Christmas holiday movies

Hello. I would like to ask if next holiday season you show some old classics on your station. There are too many repeats of the same shows. Also, can we have the same sex movies after 10 pm? Young children are with their families enjoying the Christmas shows and do not need to see same sex scenes. It's not your place to bring those type of shows into the family environment.

Let's get back to basics and the classics! PLEASE. Thank you so much

Desired outcome: Show more classics


Lifetime TV - Under the christmas tree

I usually like the movies, but boycotted viewing all yesterday due to the female on female kiss.
When scanning channels to see what was showing just now I happened on that scene and it turned my stomach. Disgusting viewing when children are not in bed yet.

Keep the trash viewing and violence off your programming.
I am so turned off your movies now.

Desired outcome: Leave it to parent's discretion by keeping sensitive subjects out of your

Lifetime TV - Lifetime Movies background music

I would like to know why you have all this background noise in every movie. The noise drowns out the dialog and I cannot follow the story. I used to enjoy most of the movies but now I turn them off because I cannot follow the story. Don't the directors watch the films? If they do they must surely realize that most of the dialog is wasted since you cannot hear what is said.

Please stop the noise and music? so I can hear the dialog.


Lifetime TV - Prescription ads

Really they have to show two guys kissing in a commercial? Not what I want my kids to see!
I think Lifetime can have more integrity than that. Our world is messed up already without having to confuse it anymore. I am very disgusted with this! Lifetime needs to monitor them instead of worrying about making $$$$. I would expect something better from this channel!

Lifetime TV - Movies on a family network

I am writing to you today regarding the gay Christmas movies on lifetime. I'm not racist and I don't have a problem how people choose to live their life, but when you put shows like that on TV I'm having to explain to my kids that I have raised to believe that a man and a woman are the right relationship not a man & man or woman & a woman. You are advertising and promoting this on a family channel and with Christmas shows. I will not be watching this network anymore because I believe in values that I thought this network had.

Desired outcome: Explanation

I agree with the above. Promoting alternative lifestyles like this is not something that should be exhibited for family viewing. Children have so many concerns already without more confusion about the family raising experience they are going through now with their own parenting.

I will not be watching Lifetime shows that depict this. What's the next thing Lifetime, is it going to be a story with polygamy ?


Lifetime TV - Women's lingerie commercial

On December 2 as well as November 30, my husband and I were enjoying a Christmas movie on the Lifetime channel. It was prime time, from 8:00 to 10:00 pm. It was a CHRISTMAS movie! Kids watch...

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Lifetime TV - Advertising/content

For many years i've been taking care of a woman who suffers from epilepsy. She has sexual abuse in her background as well as growing up in a narcissistic environment. Very sweet innocent kind-hearted...

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Lifetime TV - Noise that you call music

Please stop putting your annoying noise on your lifetime movies! It serves no purpose, but is very annoying! I cannot hear what the actors say! You play the noise over the movie! I am about to stop watching all your movies as you have started putting the noise on most! Very annoying! Are you secretly brainwashing us with the annoying noise? What other purpose could it serve?! I don't need music to tell me how I should feel about certain scenes in the movie! But you don't just play at certain scenes, you play the noise all through the movie and my husband is so disgusted with this noise that he has quit watching lifetime movies with me! Is that your objective? Fewer viewer?!

Desired outcome: Stop the music/noise! Thank


Lifetime TV - Carly Hughes

What does she show her tongue so much as some sort of tool when she acts; it's very distracting and after sometime it's very annoying.
I watched the Christmas Edition and a lot of her scenes she was in, there was her tongue. Maybe she has no idea she shows it so much just a bad habit?
Maybe the director didn't notice it. Who knows it seemed to show up when her character was flirting. Sorry Carly but a little is OK but a lot of it wasn't very attractive.
Thank you for reading about my disappointment.
Dr Peggy Locke


Lifetime TV - Your lack of diversity in race on your shows

I wrote out a long comment. I am concerned about your lack of diversity in the people on your programs. There are people of all colors in this country and one of those groups are AFRICAN ANERICANS. I wrote a very long comment so I will not repeat it BUT I will say again the absence of many people of color on your shows is disturbing. We are everywhere in this country BUT I can turn on TV and see shows where are not even present on the streets and as people walk. WE ARE HERE AND HAVE MADE MANY GREAT CONTRIBUTIONS TO THIS COUNTRY. ACT LIKE IT BY SHOWING THAT WE ARE HERE EVERYWHERE.


Lifetime TV - Shows

Please stop showing Castle every morning all day. Lifetime is supposed to be about movies not Castle. It's boring and we want to see shows and movies. We shouldn't have to stream all day to see them. During the day m home and want to see Lifetime movies please. We see enough cop shows on other stations. Lifetime was never this boring. Love the Greys Anatomy series . Play thing like that, please . Thank you. Your Lifetime #1 fan!

Desired outcome: Please show some movies or other TV shows

Lifetime TV - Shows

So now every show is black people! This channel use to play such good shows and especially during Christmas! Every Christmas show u have is black oriole o believe they already have 20 channels already! All these channels that are doing this is just causing low ratings especially the acting is terrible! Get back to the basics and quit worrying if u have to many whites or vice versa! I'm done watching this channel for awhile!

Desired outcome: Change up your movies

Lifetime TV - Inordinate commercials during a movie

I just finished trying to watch your broadcast of the movie "enough". It was very difficult to connect with the storyline because you inserted (in the worst possible places) repeated commercials every 4 to 6 minutes. It seems that you could not afford to air the movie so you hacked it up with every commercial you could find. If you cannot afford to air a movie without all the disruptions, give the movie some respect (and viewers) and don't air it!

Desired outcome: Reduce the number of commercial breaks

Lifetime TV - scheduling

i wanted to watch the complete series of MAJOR CRIMES. you started airing the full season on wednesday otober 13th with episodes 1 and 2, then nothing on thursday, friday, saturday or sunday.

then, on monday october 18th you air episode 6, 7 and 8. how inept can your scheduler be? this is beyond ridiculous. it just shouldn't happen.

i'm using TIVO, and the schedule is fairly accurate.

i would really appreciate a detailed answer and how you are going to correct this.

michael mccaughey

Desired outcome: show the 3 missing episodes in the proper order

Oct 11, 2021

Lifetime TV - It's Columbus Day

To say I am annoyed with seeing an ad celebrating "Indigenous Peoples' Day" on today's programming is a gross understatement.

TODAY IS COLUMBUS DAY. And while you attempt to minimize the discovery of America and join the ridiculousness that is political correctness on steroids — let's be real.

If it hadn't been for the discovery of America and all of the advancements that have taken place since, your television channel and the ability to provide a service WOULD NOT EXIST.

I don't agree with how native Americans were treated but to use this day to try to make your political statement with a twenty second "celebration" is both ignorant and offensive.

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