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iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / unlimited fibre / line rental

Sep 12, 2019

Yes i would like to no why im paying £35.24 when ive been with you for 2 years and we dont have a phone at my home and will not call anyone so why would i be still paying £35.24 every month i hope you can get back to me about this matter? I feel like you could refund some for the money back...

[Resolved] iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / italk harassment calls

Jul 30, 2019

This company is an absolute sham. My 89 yr old Mother has used them in the past, but when she moved house 2 mths ago the trouble started. She wanted to move her existing phone number - her lifeline to contact friends and family and a phone number that she and my Dad have had for over 45...

[Resolved] iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / broadband

Jul 05, 2019

I moved into a new property and signed up to italk. The timescale online said 13th July but email stated 13th July - 12th August i then decided to go with a known provider the same day i had 12! Missed calls with 2 voicemails of office chatter I searched the numbers (as they are all...

[Resolved] iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / billing

Jul 05, 2019

My daughter signed up with them for a phone and broadband package which was £18. The phone line was connected and she had to wait for the router to arrive, they gave her a date to go go live but that never happened as the router failed to arrive, she rang Italk and they said they would send...

[Resolved] iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / customer service and internet service

May 24, 2019

I have always had complications with Italk from the start. My live date didn't go live until a few days to a week after, and after various complaints I got a discount of my first bill . My internet service is insanely slow and I have a bills taken out of different dates each month which I...

iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / broadband

Apr 03, 2019

Had terrible experience with this company having called them a month in advance to set up service for Aug 28th. I did not have service until mid September and then it was very intermittent and we could not get it all on the kitchen or upstairs. Only a weak service on the living room, which...

iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / lack of internet and concerning customer service

Mar 15, 2019

Dear Info, I am writing to you to make a formal complaint about iTalk the incompetency of your staff and iTalk services, lots of disruption to my internet( leading to me losing money as I have a online business ), i signed up in August and every month is the same. Lately I have had no...

iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / unauthorized credit card charges

Jan 31, 2019

This complaint started in December 2017/January 2018 when i cancelled my direct debit with my bank and also sent numerous emails to ITalk to ask someone to contact me either by phone or email. Every request was ignored. Even though my direct debit was cancelled you still tried to take...

[Resolved] iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / service barred due to outstanding charge for bt non fault visit charge

Jan 28, 2019

I received a BT Non fault visit charge of £150 from iTalk on my invoice dated 7/12/18 which I challenged. The visit date was 9/10/18. Despite lengthy discussions I agreed to set up a 3 month payment scheme to clear the balance. I am up to date with all my regular invoices but until the final...

[Resolved] iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / broadband

Jan 24, 2019

I entered into a contract with italk originally in sept I was told no line by would be out! By never arrived was emailed to be advised that line in property! So plugged in box and no signal called italk who did tests girl advised fault on line bt would need to come out so I waited no bt!...

iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / phone bills

Nov 30, 2018

Hello dear Im complain bc you company send notice to me but not collecting money from my account. When I'm tolking say I can't pay myself but yuo still not collecting. NOW I'm paying my self. And not coll anymore in yuo company. My ref It 241616. 28 Espey Park Killyman. Bt71 6rq now my...

[Resolved] iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / broadband service

Nov 22, 2018

I would like to make a complaint about the service im not receiving by italk ive been with you for several months now and to say im disappointed is a understatement im getting charged for nothing my broadband is absolutely atrocious. When I phone customer care I just get excuse after...

iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / broadband service

Nov 14, 2018

I purchased a package deal from you which is phone line, rental and most important broadband for my cctv cameras linked to my iPhone which have worked perfectly before coming to I talk I was told the broad will work to suit your cameras which haven't I have spoken to you numerous times and...

iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / broadband

Sep 19, 2018

We have been with italk over a month we requested a transfer to BT which I talk rejected they was supposed to be changing us to fibre broadband we've never received a router to then find out today after we've been disconnected and switched to fibre with no router we cannot watch tv as we...

iTalk Affiliate Telecommunications / broadband never worked, yet i'm being billed cumulated

Sep 10, 2018

IT258009. Hi I signed up to your WiFi product in April I was told IT would go live on May which never happened. I made numerous phone calls to make you aware of the problem. I blocked my bank account in June after my account was debited. Soon after, I started recieving numerous letter...

iTalk / broadband

Sep 10, 2018

I been with u now for God few months and I had nothing but problems with internet I'm not getting the great service I pay for it discounts from everything I gone through settings with it's ok that many times now I had enough I get a phone call saying cause I am leaving u u giving me a...

iTalk / phone and broadband

Sep 05, 2018

I spoke to someone about joining italk they was happy for me to do so but when my box didant turn up I rang them to c were it was they told me I couldn't go with them as they recon I got 2lines in my house but I haven't and they would not refund me I rang my supplier and they told me they...

iTalk / broadband

Sep 05, 2018

IT261154 after joining the company for the promise of high speed broadband at reasonable price i have yet to get any decent reception. initially the router failed to work or only worked intermittently and i have been told this morning that it was only registered as a complaint a month...

iTalk / Broadband/stealing money

Aug 07, 2018

Taking money out of my account Well before the agreed date again fed up of this company doing this leaving me overdrawn they need sorting out or shutting down also the signal goes off now and again yet its supposed to be unlimited fibre also lies on the phone saying they never received...

iTalk / payments

Aug 01, 2018

Taking money from my account which then leaves me over drawn, I phoned and was advised to cancel the direct debit which was also taken the next day which would have been nearly £70, I cancelled the direct debit to then have a futher £35 taken again 2 working days later, All charges, When you...

[Resolved] iTalk / broadband

Jul 27, 2018

I am a new customer with italk after many delays of the router and phone line being fixed and finding out my connection speed it below what i wanted i have try to cancel my account but told there would be a cancellation fee to be paid due to me being just outside the cooling off period due...

iTalk / debit of account for service they refuse to provide

Jul 09, 2018

Beware! Beware! Beware! Account it235744 After three late payments of no more than 1-2 weeks due to my account being stung by another company so moving monies to another account for security and paying by card and bringing account up to date they we were told they wouldn't be reconnecting and...

iTalk / broadband

Jun 30, 2018

I have only just joined up with them and I have had nothing but issues with my broadband. It's never worked from day one. I have constant buffering and internet keeps on disconnecting every 2 mins . I have complained anfmd problem hasnt been resolved and now i choose to join another...

[Resolved] iTalk / broadband and phone line

Jun 30, 2018

This company are an utter joke the king of a super fast broadband fibre it's not my connection is very slow at times then when you quit for a query this place they turn around and say or services fine getting trying to text and it checks that you can't actually physically do then when you...

iTalk / broadband

Jun 21, 2018

Acc 2565441 stephen hawes broadband only worked for 10 days since installation and spoke to you on various times I authorise mrs c gifford dob 7-9-46 to speak on my behalf regarding my account her number is [protected] I think its the router but have rang many times and still not fixed problem. We need this fixed asap as ive been paying for no service

[Resolved] iTalk / broadband

Jun 18, 2018

Had italk about 3 months now, goes off multiple times of the day rang to be told to take the front off the phone line with a screw driver and put it in test socket.. still no difference. Done all the resets, phone doesn't even connect to WiFi from 3-4 meters away from the router absolute...

iTalk Broadband / landline/broadband

Jun 18, 2018

I joined italk on the 1st may 2018. My broadband has never worked properly since day one it goes down everyday sometimes all day.. The land line is orriffic you cant hear people properly or we get cut off. Then they want to charge 79 pound for openreach they say came out by mistake when...

[Resolved] iTalk / repeatedly trying to take money unlawfully from my bank account

May 26, 2018

I have tried to contact customer services at italk since February. I have sent dozens of urgent emails - all of which have been completely ignored. I got so frustrated I cancelled my direct debit with my bank and went with another provider. However since cancelling the direct debit italk...

[Resolved] iTalk / I complaining about italk x my account

May 25, 2018

I had italk and from the start I had it in couldn't use it because there was a fault with Internet they sent someone out and the fault wasn't my end it was there end they tried charging me for services I didn't get to use so they was gonna give me compensation and reset my account and...

[Resolved] iTalk / taking money without permission

May 16, 2018

I rang I talk to let them know that I would be ringging up frm now on and paying not to take no money frm my account, beacuse the money in there are for my bills and for me to pa for my home till I get paid again I pay ur owt of my monthy money maybe not on time with the timeing n dates I...

[Resolved] iTalk / broadband

May 11, 2018

signed up to broadband deal in April and up to today have not received the service I have signed up to, but staff have the nerve to quote £185 early cancellation fee for service I have never received I wish to cancel all links with it all you have only proved to be incompetent and untruthful I...

[Resolved] iTalk / internet

Apr 29, 2018

Hi there I've sent emails spoken on phone about my internet told to do this which I've done . So now I'm getting really annoyed the internet goes of 6/7 times a day. When I use the house the phone the internet goes of this shouldn't happen. I speak to my boyfriend on cam every night and we...

[Resolved] iTalk / internet

Apr 29, 2018

My internet is not working and has been rescurited and there was problems with it and could not use it and am now thinking of going to another broadband provider as I was meant to be compensated some way was wondering if there was anything that could be done to help me with this as I can't...

[Resolved] iTalk / phone and broadband service

Apr 28, 2018

Have been without services since December January right upto now still no service at all keeps sending bills for service tried contacting them by Facebook and by email service all come back with error with there network rang them few times keep telling me have to pay them don't owe them...

[Resolved] iTalk / being charged for a service i've ever received

Apr 26, 2018

Hi I signed up to your WiFi product on Dec 7t H I was told I would go live on Jan 3rd which never happens. I made numourose phone calls to make you aware of the problem. I cancelled my contract on the 7th of January 2018. and then start to receive numourose letters with charges being taken...

[Resolved] iTalk / broadband and telephone and theft of money taken without permission

Apr 24, 2018

My complaints are * rubbish broadband connection * loud crackling telephone line * refusal to answer any emails sent over 12 months to rectify the problem . * refusal to answer phone when trying to tell them about the problem * Lying about the package i took out * trying to get...

[Resolved] iTalk / broadband

Apr 10, 2018

iTalkI signed up to them last year and I have had nothing but trouble from them. I clicked on one of their social media adverts and it looked very promising. Boy was I in for shock. They promised an iTalk router £99, unlimited data and speeds up to 17mbps. What I received was a dodgy router branded...

[Resolved] iTalk / charge applied to my account for a service I did not receive.

Apr 08, 2018

My ref: IT179113 in November 2017 I reported problems with my phone line. I took a day off work to wait for the telecoms engineer to arrive. He called me to say that because of the condition of my road he was unable to attend. He explained the vehicle he was in was unsuitable. I wa...

[Resolved] iTalk / broadband

Mar 26, 2018

I rang up 3 weeks ago and exsplained my intenet was goinh exatremly slow got rold to plug my router into a laptop check the speed then biy time i got round to it it went of i rang again to tell them to get told i had to wait till they could contact a engernieer wich took a week of me...

iTalk Broadband / broadband and landline

Mar 20, 2018

I have been missold italk broadband and it's services. I was told my ‘live' date was 20th March 2018. It is now 3pm on 20th of March and I'm without service. I have made 4 phone calls to italk customer services and to be told it can take up to midnight to activate. Ridiculou...