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I am so disgusted --- I have over 10 sites hosted with them and I cannot get any service --their database structure is faulty and word press won't work on it --also have been trying for three days straight to get in touch with them and no answer either their chat or Phone! This is horrible -- I will have to talk each one of my clients into moving their web sites when they were not prepared for this expense!


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Aug 25, 2010 1:30 am EDT

We had a terrible time with ipowerweb also. Finally had no choice but to contact our credit card company and file a complaint with them to stop the billing long after we moved our sites. Lucky we had control of the domains via tucows and moving them went smooth.

Avoid at all costs.

May 12, 2009 1:09 pm EDT

I cannot begin to explain how bad Ipower really is.

Sometime in 2008, Ipower switched to a "new platform." They sent me dozens of emails saying how my website was "not compatible" with their new platform, and I had to switch webhosting companies.

Long story short- I bought 2 yrs of hosting and an SSL BEFORE they told me they could not host my website any longer. So, when I reluctantly switched hosts, I wanted a refund. After all, I paid for services they couldn't render.

Not only did they NOT give me a refund, they told me it was because they don't have any records of financials prior to their "new platform!" What a SCAM. Today (6 months later, and I haven't had any affiliation with them since 2008) they just sent me a new bill for $155...

What a mess- I won't pay it- that's for sure, but trying to get anyone competent on the phone is impossible with them. Horrible company- I'm considering reporting to the Better Business Bureau for fraud.

Feb 26, 2009 5:50 pm EST

I ended my hosting with StartLogic over a year ago and last month, I get an email from IPower (whom I've never dealt with) saying my password had to be changed for security reasons. Not knowing why I was receiving this email, I contacted their customer service agent via their online chat (couldn't get a hold of anyone on the phone). That's when it was confirmed that StartLogic and IPower were one and the same. The agent kept telling me I created the IPower account despite the fact I'd never dealt with IPower before. Also, a year after cancelling the hosting I had with StartLogic, somehow, my account and contact information was still active in the IPower system! Apparently, it was switched to a "domain parking plan", even though I didn't request this (I has switched hosts altogether). When I asked the agents what happened (two different agents in two separate chats), they both tried to ignore the question and then told me I created the account with IPower, a company I had never heard of until I got the email from them saying my password was changed!

Man, I'm so glad I switched hosts (to FutureQuest... awesome!). At least StartLogic/IPower wasn't still billing me. I hate that all my information was still in their system a year later!

Aug 06, 2008 12:03 pm EDT

I had major issues with ipower, too much to list here, but just trust me. Major headpain, when I couldn't take it any longer, I left. I went to startlogic. This was even worse! After an entire year of more anguish, I was starting to think all host are bad. But then I found out something... Guess what, ipower and startlogic are owned by the same people. My luck, go figure, talk about dishonesty. Stay away from these two for your dear SANITY.

Jun 30, 2008 5:39 pm EDT

Have had too many problems with ipower to list. I am looking for their address so I can start billing them for all the trouble they've caused me. once the bill is big enough, I'll sue...

Ipower is horrible! Absolutely HORRIBLE!

Feb 12, 2008 10:45 pm EST

I have two sites hosted with iPower. They are the most incompetent organization I have ever dealt with. It is just impossible to get in touch with them. Once you do, they have no idea how to fix the problem. They must be a bunch of crooks since they do not even disclose on their web site where they are located. I did an extensive search and finally managed to find the fax number of their CEO. I sent him a fax explaining the situation. He did not do anything about it. It takes a very stupid CEO to make a very incompetent organization. My recommendation: stay away from iPower at any cost.


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