iPagethey accidentally deleted my website

A Aug 02, 2018

ipage accidentally deleted my website & domain. They may get it back in the next 48 hours and they are sorry. I want folks to know not to use ipage. I am beyond upset. This is our family business and they deleted our website. There is not much to say. It just shows how dependent we are on our domain host providers and these guys are not good at what they do. They should realize the enormity of the error and fix it immediately. I am moving to blue host I hope it is better but cannot do that before the damage is already done.

  • Updated by American Custom · Aug 02, 2018

    ipage deleted my domain/website. They are sorry but it is gone. At first they said it would be up to 14 days to restore it. I am beyond frustrated. We left it at they are escalating to corporate and could be 24-48 hours. They were not clear if it is 24-48 hours to get an answer or it will be restored in 24-48 hours? I asked for a manager and was told, here is your case number and she would not acknowledge my request for a manager, she just kept repeating "no need to worry". I told her she may not be aware of the nuances of the English language but to be told not to worry over and over when you just wiped out my business is insulting to say the least. Awful day, very sad.. nothing I can do but wait. Just signed up with Bluehost, working on a new site and waiting to get the old one back hopefully we will not lose too many sales. I would suggest never doing business with ipage.

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