Interrentdouble payment of hire and charged extra

I had booked a small car through Ryan air to be picked up at the interrent office in the Gran Canaria Airport building. Unfortunately I had forgotten the pin to my creditcard and we could not use the Ryan air contract. I had to take out a new contract with Interrent, which was extremely expensive and when we tried to drop off the car, they just took the keys and said okay. But, I then got an email at home with another bill saying that the car was dropped off too late and I was charged another Euros 42.80. We dropped the car off in the specified time and already on the plane when they said we dropped off the car. I did not receive a repayment of the Ryan air contract. This car hire cost us £ 378.39. I would call this daylight robbery. Kind regards A Woodford

Oct 03, 2019

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