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J Nov 28, 2017

I can never get a hold of my adjuster. Information is never consistent. My vehicle sat on cinder blocks for 4 days before they could send anyone to pick it up, even though it was scheduled to be picked up Monday. It showed up at the shop to be appraised on Tuesday but no one was available to appraise it. Supposedly they only do appraisals on Wednesday's but it wasn't done and no one knows why. I have not been put into a rental car as of yet, and it's been over a week!!! I have no transportation to and from work, and this is complete [censor]. Now my adjuster finally calls back and he cannot approve me for a rental car even though my coverage covers rental car, but he cannot approve it until I prove that I purchased my vehicle!?!?!? I cannot get a hold of any manager there either. No one returns calls until an internal message is sent. Why is nothing being done???

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