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CB Jobs and Career Employer job posting account review: Employer job posting account

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I have been a employer customer of Indeed for over 3-years. My company is a large, highly respected medical products distributor. We have never had issue with the type of postings we place in search of field sales personnel and regional sales managers.

On August 15, 2023, I logged on to and saw that my account had been "paused." Unaware of why this would happen after so many years of working with Indeed, I submitted a request for a review of my account in order to get it re-established, per Indeed's instructions. Although Indeed claimed the review would take only 48 hours, 5 days later my account was still locked.

I submitted another review request on Monday, August 21, 2023. When I didn't get a response by Wednesday, I called their support number.

After a lengthy "verification" process, the support representative said she would submit a "note" to their technical staff to inquire on the issue.

Almost immediately after hanging up with support, I received an email stating that my account was reviewed and found to be "unsuitable" for Indeed.

How can an account that has been in good standing for more than 3-years suddenly be deemed "unsuitable"?!

This unfair situation Indeed has placed me into has left several dozen of my applications inaccessible to me and is hurting my recruiting efforts and costing me money!

Desired outcome: I wish to have my Indeed account re-opened and access re-instated.

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