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Dear All,
I am here to show you my worst travel experience at Incheon International Airport! Because of MR LI HONG GUANG!
Me and my wife flying with 3U8904 on Nov 6th 2014 at Incheon Airport. Check-in counter open at 19:25. There were lots of people Q -ing in the line, and there was no bussiness counter at all.( but there were a few bussiness class passagers) I was in the line also, about 10 mins later we were at the check-in counter ready for check-in baggage and get the boarding pass(Did not sign Bussiness Class). MR LI HONG GUANG came to my face and told me: Sir, they are bussiness class passagers and they will check-in first. (note: he was speaking in Chinese and never use "Please and May I ask...") his tone of voice was sooooo RUDE! So my answer was abusolutly NO! And Why they can jump the Q? MR LI HONG GUANG was so shocked, may be the answer is opposite what he thouht.And MR LI HONG GUANG spoke to the check-in staff and ask her take the bussiness class passagers passports, then MR LI HONG GUANG removed my baggage and throw it behind the counter. I keep asking: Why not you ask me politely? Why the bussiness class passager jump the Q? Why don't you open a bussiness class counter for this airbus 330(big air-plane)? MR LI HONG GUANG only answered me: YOU DO NOT HAVE OPTIONS! THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST DO! ( WTF?!) I really could not believe I am in Korea! I am in Incheon International Airport! Which is providing the best customer service Airport in the world!
Today, I still want to ask Incheon International Airport: Why you chose this kind of person work in your airport? Do you still do service coaching?
Today, I still want to ask Sichuan Airline (3U8904): Why you promote this kind of person to be a manager?
Today, I still want to ask MR LI HONG GUANG: Why can you be so proud of yourself as an INCHEON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ground service duty MANAGER? Where is your confidence comes from?

Just Wish All the Passagers in Incheon Airport have a Pleasant Journey! And enjoy MR LI HONG GUANG'S EXCELLENT SERVICE!

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Aug 23, 2016 8:31 pm

What do you expect from Korean? They are the among racist people I ever encountered in so called developed nation. I even smack the TV if I saw my people watching their lousy drama without any experience going to Korea. All started with how I was treated at Incheon last February. Their ground staff handled white people grouses with smile and when when my turn to ask, no whine, no grouse, no complaint, upon seeing me a dark complexion Asian from South East Asia, her face suddenly change beforehand. Their conversation suddenly turned like between me and a TV star that forced to work at airport unwillingly and try to tell me 'you are dark and ugly'. Maybe all the smile are mere plastic, as their plastic-surgery faces. Skytrax only take rate from white people that these Korean serve full fledged. That makes this racist airport staff never make the airport rating down.

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my brother Moussa Ahmed Maher Internet engineer networks from EGYPT and lives in United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, , he booked a ticket to south korea and hotel room to travel in 21 january and he get approved for going there and in 21 january went to south korean seoul airport with hope to enjoy every single day with korean culture and people and democracy system and to find his owen space life which we all heard about it and dream to see it one day, and after when he arrived to the seoul airport . there is employer whos in charge of travelling ask him whats your plan in korea, and Moussa told him about what his gonna do verbally or orally, and the employe refuse and told him he dont believe what he said and thats because there is egyption people escape in korea when they get in, and when Moussa asked for a calling the Egyptian Embassy, the employer told him he dont have the right to talk more or to Draw upon the Egyptian Embassy and become speak offensive, let him setting in room for hours and he killed his dreamed and his holliday and Moussa came back again 23 january to where his lives with big A disappointment
is that Korea which we all heared about it and dream to see it . he need your support as soon as possible for saving him and all other people who dont want to hear this sad story killing his join and intense interest for travelling to Korea

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