Incheon International Airportcustoms staff attitude

K Aug 04, 2018

The customs staff rudely open my hand carry bag and told me I have two boxes of face cream over 100ml and cannot pass through. I said throw them away but the customs lady staff quickly took them and walked away. It seems like they were happy having a free gift... Their attitude was very bad. I couldn't find any rubbish bin at the customs checking point!

  • Updated by Karen Tam · Aug 03, 2018

    I was taking CX419 flying back from Incheon Airport back to HK on 3 Aug 18. During customs checking I was told that my hand carry bag had 2 boxes of face cream which are over 100ml. I admitted that i had overlooked this issue and i agreed to throw them away. I supposed there was a rubbish bin nearby for me to throw them away, but instead, a customs lady staff suddenly appeared and quickly took away the boxes of cream and then walked away! This was bad! I guessed this would be a free gift to her! Afterthat, the male customs staff who checked my passport was so annoying and angry! I can't imagine how come such kind of behaviour happened in this airport. Can we the visitors be treated so impolitely because we are leaving? I request your airport to investigate the issues!

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