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To whom it may concern,

On 23rd February 2016 at about 1400hrs, I was waiting for my departure flight at 1635hrs back to Singapore and decided to have lunch. Therefore I went to Gate 25 level 2 food court. It was lunch time for Incheon staffs as well and the place was a bit busy.

While searching for seats, my friend and I saw an empty table and we was about to pull the chair to seat when we saw a lady threw across her purse to book the table. I was appalled by the behavior and when I turned to look, the lady was actually in uniform working under Incheon international airport, the top 5 airport in the world. However we searched for other table and gave in to her.

It was my first time being in Korea and I enjoyed my whole 10 days holidaying in the country with happy experience. I was disappointed and sad to end my great trip with this bad experience from an Incheon airport staff. Representing one of the best airport in the world, she should have not behaved in that manner towards a foreigner visiting her country. It is disrespectful and she has casted a very bad image of a service provider of Incheon International airport.

I asked for her name to send a feedback and she refused to give me and I had to asked many many times before her friend actually gave me. Her name is Kim Su Jin, working for SM Duty free.

I would greatly appreciate to get a reply regarding this matter.

Thanks & Regards,

Incheon International Airport


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      Jun 19, 2017

    Hi I'm Korean America and live in Seoul. I agree with you that many many young Koreans have a very insolent behavior. Especially those in their 20s. I am 50 and Male. I look Korean because my parents are both Koreans. The young Koreans are very arrogant and order me around. I was at A food court at incheon airport and walked up to the self service to get some side dishes like kimchi. As soon as I got to the counter a young man who was a worker their told me to move. He wanted to get some dishes from below the counter. I had just got to the counter to get some kimchi. As I am a customer and also old enough to be his father he should wait until I'm done. Who does he think he is? On the arrival floor my 70 year old mother had to move because two young insolent girls in their 20s did not move for her as they walked towards her. I am so shocked at this barbaric behavior. Even in America white American girls with blonde hair show respect to their elders. But these young Koreans who are nothing compared to white Americans act like they are better than others. I don't know whether to laugh or get angry. Even when I went to Europe, I was cut off by a Korean woman in her late 20s. I was waking in a train station food court and dragging my suit case. The Korean woman who was far from me suddenly walked in front of me so I had to stop immediately. She cut me off and didn't even say sorry. So I calmly told her she was very rude. I thought she was mainland Chinese. Suddenly here young husband came running at me aggressively and started shouting arrogantly and loudly to me "who are you?! Where are you from?! Do you want to fight?! I am from South Korea!!" I was old enough to be his father or uncle. And then he pretedend to punch me with his fists. He wanted to scare me. I was so ashamed because all the European people heard him shouting. So I told him I didn't want to fight him and walked out of the food court. But about 15 minutes later I walked in again because I was very hungry. When I walked in the Korean woman saw me and gave me an arrogant insolent laughing look. I don't know why. Normally when strangers have an argument and then go away and tweet each other again they ignore each other, but she was like a immature psycho. She continued to want to fight. This behavior is very typical in South Korea. I don't know why they think they are so great. Nobody in the world thinks they are.

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      Jun 19, 2017

    @Tyler68 Sorry for my spelling. I meant that the Korean woman who cut me off in he European train station gave me an insolent arrogant laughing look when she saw that I returned to the food court. She saw me. Not tweeted me. Koreans can be very arrogant. I don't know why, because nobody thinks they're great. It's really laughably funny but also infuriating.

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