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I Love Your Accent review: Wow... This site is seriously awful

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Wow.. this site is seriously awful! The admin of this site is seriously unprofessional! This site cancelled by subscription at my request but then continued to charge me and denied all responsibility. They conveniently miss out in the cancellation process that you must cancel the paypal payment yourself. They're out to steal your money! Rochelle Peachey needs to learn some customer service skills and is a very bitter, unprofessional CEO. No people skills, which is the one thing a CEO needs! Doesn't she realise who pays her wage at the end of the day? Seems like a few others have had the same experience. We need to make a noise about this and stop this con artist right now! The service I paid for wasn't fufilled as the website is way below the standard of its competitors. Like the people below me, I cancelled within days. I am now out of pocket for money for a service I cancelled months ago! Wow.. like others have said.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CON!

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Jul 05, 2015 11:32 am EDT

how did you cancel it in the end? They are doing the same to me...

Nov 04, 2013 12:56 pm EST
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Every bad thing you've ever read about this site is true. There is no way to cancel membership on the web site, they suggest rather that you discontinue payments via PayPal. The problem with that is that people who don't have a PayPal account can't login and do this. PayPal told me that ILYA had to cancel my membership and discontinue payments from their end and they refuse to do it. I started this process weeks ago as my 3 month membership is up on the 15th of November. The first response I got from ILYA was immediate telling me to go through PayPal. My response informing ILYA of what PayPal said got no reply...ever. I resent it a few days later and still nothing. Resent it the next day, no response. Sent the same email 20 (yes) 20 times to irritate them into responding to me. I got a reply saying "Why have you sent the same email 20 times?" but nothing on my actual problem. I've now reported them to the BBB, Attorney General of Florida and Illinois. They are total scam artists and the site itself is horrid. The layout is awful, there aren't many members at all, and it looks more like an AOL personal page from 1997 than it does a 'professional' web site. I can't wait until they're shut down.

Jul 29, 2013 4:15 am EDT

This woman is con and her website is a scam. Are there are ANY real profiles on there at all?

Sign up and random people will contact you immediately. Pay up (because you can't otherwise read their messages) and you won't hear from any of them again.

Save your money and your time, do not register for this site!

Dec 18, 2011 9:41 pm EST

It is not possible for us to collect any payments from Paypal after you cancel your payments. NOT POSSIBLE.
If you honestly believe money was taken after your cancellation then your issue is with Paypal and not us.
Its sad you all hide behid silly names when you make complaints yet feel its OK to mention my website by name.

May 06, 2011 11:54 pm EDT
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BUYER BEWARE! This company uses reoccuring payments and it's extremely difficult to cancel. After sending 3 polite emails to the ILYA admin, he/she responded saying since I was charged; it was obvious I was lying and I didn't cancel my account. When I forwarded the Paypal confirmation showing my account had been cancelled and the last payment authorized was 3 months ago, they accused me of "altering" the text. I hate to think what would have happend if I gave this company my credit card information.


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