IKEAcanape convertible ikea missing items

A Jul 11, 2019

I made an order in the sum of 2440, 29 under order [protected]. I was missing the cushions for the Sandbacken couch. I informed Ikea of this several times.

Not only did they ask me if I counted the boxes received and I had to inform them that logically I do not have x-ray vision and am unable to see through cardboard, they made a replacement order under ref [protected] that they CHARGED me again for.

The replacement order never arrived. I wasted a day waiting for the transporter to deliver the goods . I was told by the unhelpful and haughty representative to call on Monday .

So, I call on Monday. 3 HOURS on hold where the line cut repeatedly, the reps hung up when stating they would transfer. Apoplectic when I got through to a rep, I was told that I had to call again Thursday . No solutions offered, Refusal to transfer to a supervisor and when I stated in English that it was [censored]ing [censored], the rep hung up .

I have been following this up via email and have been LIED to. The idiot rep didn't even investigate, just provided an old tracking number linked to the original order and said it had been delivered.

I did my own investigative work and found the transport company number. I called them and they confirmed that it had not been delivered and to call Ikea again. So I have and was again hung up on when the agent was "looking into my dossier". Now, I am STILL waiting on hold - over an hour now after I had to call back TWICE.

I have already submitted a complaint to EU online dispute regarding this matter as they have charged TWICE for undelivered goods and seem hellbent on committing active fraud by not delivering goods that have been paid for.

I will be making formal complaints to both Leiden HQ and French HQ regarding the awful and obstructive customer service . If my goods are not delivered this week I will be persuing this in Justice.

Avoid IKEA online sales. I am thoroughly disgusted with the service and idiots they hire who are incapable of doing more than reading from a script and following a flow chart.

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