IHOP Restaurantswaitresses

J Aug 04, 2018

I've been to this restaurant a few times. But however the last two times, I've been treated like [censored]. Last night a waitress came up to where I was sitting talking to my waitress, and started flipping out on me due her thinking that the cook was being rude to her. She continued to swear at me, and tell me to keep my [censored]ing boyfriend is check. The cook is my husband, but I don't get involved in work stuff. Then she continued to yell and cause an issue. Then the assistant manager spoke to the cook and the waitress, the problem was not solved. She came back out and still continued to talking crap. As I go to leave another waitress that is friends with her decided to call me an over weight whore in front of a table with customers at.
Husband spoke to the boss, and nothing was done. He didn't check video or even put a stop to it. I've been to this restaurant several times and never had a complaint. Now I'm filing this complaint and calling the head person that owns these stores. Being a paying customer, I shouldn't have to deal with the way I was treated and talked too.

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