IHOP Restaurantsbelgian chocolate mousse pancakes

C Aug 14, 2018

Stopped at the Appleton, Wi. IHOP this noon and ordered two Belgian Chocolate Mousse Pancakes just to try them. After the waitress brought them, I noticed there wasn't any mousse even on them and she never even came back to check as to how things were, so I couldn't even flag her down to tell her. When she finally got around to bringing the bill she asked how it was and when I told her there was no mousse, she said to go to the checkout and she'd take 10% off my bill. The service at IHOP has deteriorated a lot over the past year and the staff acts as if they're doing a person a favor by waiting on them. But they have plenty of time to laugh and talk when they're supposed to be working. Don't they realize that people tip according to the service they receive? Guess they don't need the money that badly. Cher V.

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